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  1. Relax--I don't feel insulted, and I kind of understood what you meant. It was just pretty open ended, though. I mean, it definitely depends on who that other person would be. If it were Herbst, I would probably take that trade because I could use an upgrade at 197, too. But at other weight classes I don't know that it would be worth it. I would entertain any offer, and I can always appreciate a little conversation even if it's going anywhere anyway. So keep the fodder coming.
  2. I miss read, you said why, not what. Rob Koll is being very careful, per Rob koll's history, by resting him. Koll has been quoted, on more than one occasion, that the early part of the season doesn't matter. I think he probably wins EIWA or whatever conference Cornell is in. I think he's a better AA canidate than rushell. My source at Cornell, confirms this information.

    My source is a Grad student at Cornell who has ties to team memebers, knows I like to know stuff likes this, and is my best friend. And we Wrestled in College together so he knows what he's talking about so I would say reliable.
  3. I have no idea what arnone is Ranked. He was an AA 2 years ago and was out most of last year at 184 with injuries. I think if he's healthy he's a solid AA canidate. Much more so than Cayle byers, not that he isn't a good choice for duals.

    I'm taking a big risk with Rushell, but I like his duals and possible conference final. he's better than no 149 at all, and when things calm down I may drop him and draft someone else.

    and just to make sure you know I was just interested in the psychology and wasn't asking for a straight up metcalf trade, but you'd like Arnone and maybe someone else or so, I'd entertain that. I would never, ever insult you by asking metcalf for arnone, I want to be clear I was just interested in if you'd eve think about that for a second. Conversation fodder.

    Wise Has been solid and WILL score bonuses....and His schedule, he's top 3 in the big ten. Ranked like 4. I'd think aboutr something like that. If you have any thoughts, let me know.
  4. Do you know why is Arnone not ranked on Intermat right now?
  5. Metcalf for Arnone straight up is a no. The idea of Ruschell for Arnone is somewhat appealling, though. Give me some time to think about it.
  6. just out of sheer stupid, morbid curiosity, would you consider trading Arnone for metcalf? I would never out right ask that because that would be toally foolish. I don't think in good faith I could make that trade just as a matter of prinicle. But if I did, would you even think about that for a second.

    I'd give up arnone for the other 49 guy if you'd like to discuss trades. I think you'd come out ahead once Arnone makes noise at 97. lets chat?
  7. I need a 149, you need a better 197lbr. Arnone is going 197. any thoughts?
  8. If we could make it official today, that would be great and get it into our schedules, but I guess its up to the commissioner.
  9. This will be effective for the next time period, right?
  10. Deal. How do we make this official?
  11. I'll trade Jaggers for Poeta if you're interested.
  12. Can I interest you in one of my 157s (Poeta, Schlatter, Johnstone, Dragon) for one of your 141s (Jaggers, Russell)?
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