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  1. I'll drop oliver. Thanks
  2. Who do you want to drop for Saf?
  3. You'll have to wait the 3 days or if he does want him, I'll expediate the process.
  4. so how do I know then if accboy wants to pick him up or not? Do I have to ask him?
  5. The waivers is so everyone has a chance to pick a guy up. For instance, if you didn't know RD149-2 and I are good friends, I could call him and say "hey I'm dropping Angel Escobedo, go pick him up!" If we didn't have waivers he could go and pick him up as soon as I announce I'm dropping him. That is why we have waivers, so everyone can lay claim to someone that is dropped.

    Now the beginning order of waivers is the reverse order of the draft, just because the guys at the end didn't get a chance to get a guy like Metcalf or Herbert. If your waiver request goes through, your waiver priority will be 12 and everyone will move up. You could wait 3 days for Saf to come off waivers, but you run the risk of someone else claiming him.

    Its the way all the fantasy leagues on Yahoo have done it and a mirror to the way they do it in the professional leagues.

    I hope that clears it up some.
  6. That makes sense, I'm still a little unclear on the waiver concept, but I'll figure it out. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. The waiver priority is so that everyone has a fair shot at the recently released wrestlers.
  8. If accboy wants him he will get him, other than that you will have him. You have the 2nd waiver priority so only one person is ahead of you.
  9. Can I get first shot at safarotowich, when he comes off waivers?
  10. You still have a pick to finish your draft since Will Rowe was already taken.
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