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  1. Fine by me. Don't accept, no big deal. Internet message boards are not a thing to be taken too seriously, so I am really indifferent on the matter.
  2. I was going to send this via PM, but you'll just reveal what i write on the public forum anyways.

    If you want to walk away and have nothing to do with me on the site, I will respect that. As far a a truce, you went too far for me to accept a truce. You revealing the things that you were told via PM are generally ban able offenses. Don't worry, you wont get any complaints from me to the mods.

    Puppeteer would have been a magnificent addition to the board, but you didn't care one bit about him being new and you possibly chasing him off, when you began insisting that I am him. You could have PM'd me about it long ago, afterall we've coexisted in friendly terms for some time now. Even if you were right, I would have wondered why your need to rock the boat, when everyone seems to get along just fine. The fact that you were wrong and then shifted your argument when you found out you were wrong, instead of conceding and bowing out, minimizing the damage, would have been the thing to do.

    Your tone and attitude has been so attrocius, that I dont feel I owe you a thing. Other members of the board have approached me and genuinely wanted to know certain things and I've shared with them the truth. It would have been no different with you, as you are one that I generally liked and respected on here.
  3. I offered up a truce on that thread. This has gone on far enough. Let's kill it here, OK?
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