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  1. Just PM me what your roster is supposed to look like.
  2. Zapp, I dont see the current rosters updated I no longer have D Little and some others. Should I just keep up with it myself, or will you update the changes.
  3. You heard from me first. LAst night my brother Darrion was contacted by the allstar commitee. He was invited to wrestle Brett Metcalf. GREAT!!!!
  4. Zapp my cell # works check what you got down--908-494-0985 yep! thats my #
  5. Sorry about the hold up. I been at pop warner games all weekend. I also take darrius Little 133 NCST
  6. Ill take Scott winston Rutgers 157
  7. R8 Mike cannon 165 American
  8. Did you get my picks
  9. Let me know when your ready to start. I am only on line monday thru friday.
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