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  1. If you can't do that Mueller pick up , no sweat -But time to flip the script on your line up-bench Jones from VA and go with Taylor from Maryland -I should have got this to you earlier but I been busy -the next line up you need to drop Jones and put in Taylor -now this is a difficult decision but Taylor is a better wrestler -he'll have one tough match then he should win out -including the ACC tourney -Jones might have some problems this week but you had no choice as Maryland wasn't wrestling .
    This should take you home .
  2. I would not be here without your guidance. TY
  3. I see you are rolling -good job lil brother ....
  4. I was wondering if you could draft me a 165 lber -Keegan Mueller from North Carolina ? I could send you Scott Glasser from Minnesota in return -Glasser has 4 more matches than Brown -I just need Mueller for a couple of matches so I do not have to fft -I am so shitty -Arizona State has 7 133 lbers and they fft'd to Ness -I was expecting 6 points and I get 0.
  5. You set ? I've traded so uch I don't know what day it is -My heavy sucks but I picked up a quality 155 -Poeta for 2 ranked guys but he is second in the nation -People are getting mad at me for scoring points that week-I didn't cheat or anything and I thought I was finished -still may be -but I work hard and study the schedules and the number of matches and all that -remember what I told you when you were going to wrestle Burroughs and I had you wrestle Bonilla bowman instead -it doesn't matter the guys ranking if he isn't wrestling . I think Bowman got you 20 points that week.
    Good luck -I am fried .
  6. Look at last weeks points for me and Jarequi got me 11 a pin and a tech -he pinned Cheeza , the 19th ranked 149 from MSU -here are his remaining matches -
    1/31 Lock Haven 2/7 Pitt 2/14 Ohio 2/20+ 22-Cleveland state and Edinboro-thanks lil' roadie .
  7. I went ahead and posted the trade and informed Zapp-we have to do this quickly as the draft trades deadline is coming up .If I wrestle him in my line up next week -like I plan to do -I could get kicked out of the league if you haven't picked him up .
  8. That is Heinrich Barnes from Oregon State - 149-
  9. No problem about the gift -you're a fighting SOB-I give credit where credit is due .
  10. thanks for the gift brother.
  11. Nay -I need a favor -I'll give you my 149 lber -Jarequi-who has already beaten Chinn if you will pick me up Heinrich Barnes from Oregon state . Think of it as a counter favor for giving you the Big 10 champion hwt . Please .
  12. HE's yours -you can put him i n your line up this week if you want .
  13. OK I would like to trade Garnett for massey. make it happen.
  14. Nay -your 165 had a great day so you might as well keep him -I'm still ready to give you Massey for Garnett -Hwt is your weakest link and Massey will win the big 10 and you won't be using Garnett as you have Nickerson -who won the Ncaa's a few years ago -this will put you over the top .
  15. Nay -after this week -meaning this line up Zapp is goiung to prevent people like me from trading his good wrestlers to his friends -so if you want to do something it will have to be by Saturday night /Sunday morning -I can trade you Massey , the 6th ranked hwt and Roger Smith Bergtrund for your back up 125 and your 165 lber -your hwt sucks -and Brown is unranked -RSB from Ill is ranked 15th-he was higher but he wrestled hurt and lost 2 matches by a point or so-Nickerson is going to win the NCAA's -he is ranked 3rd so you don't need Garett anymore -Massey is an AA and will win the big 10 .You do not need another 197 -stay with Taylor and Jones -but if you want a better one I will throw in Byers #6 ranked -I won't make the top 6 but this will get you there -here is the final deal-I give you Massey -hwt-Smith Bergstrum -165-Illinois for Garrett 125 -and Brown -165 ODU-
  16. I am taking a week to let this team pan out then on Sat/Sun I will be trying to finalize my team. Thanks Russ. I will be looking for help for trades and waivers on that day.
  17. While you are on -who or what will you give up for Halsey or a better 149 or 84 ? I haven't forgotten you but until I know these things I can't get to work for you .
  18. Nay,

    Until you tell me who you want I can't go get him -who are you willing to give up ? you have more pressing needs than 197 -your 165 is unranked and Chinn just lost to Jarequi -my back up 149-you're 184 is overrated -I need to know who you want so I can go and get him -who will you give up for Chriswell or Halsey ? I'm in touch with people but am stuck til you tell me who you want .
  19. I can get you Halsey-who I traded -but you'll have to come off Garnetti and I can get you Chriswell-but you'll have to trade Winston or Garnetti-which 97 do you want ? Either way you'll be getting a great 97 pounder for a reserve 25 or 57 lber .
  20. OK I am putting Nickerson in at 25. I need a good 197 to put in today whats up?
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