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  1. Honeycutt and Lashaway sounds good. what can you do for me to halp get those guys. I can only give up both 141s and my 84 and either of my hwts.
  2. That is your line up-save Kinser . As for 141 -I only have one as I traded Accordino as part of a complex trade . I'll try to get you Lashaway from Gold if you want ? Or package your 141 with someone . I have Cleveland who placed 8th last year but he is the only one I have and he is ranked 8th in the nation . Your 184 has fallen to #15 in the nation . I have Caputo at 184 or Honeycutt -but each of them are going to walk through their conferences .
  3. Yes -Brent Jones out of Virginia -this is the line up you have as I remember it -125 Nickerson 133 Marble beebe,141 Caramancia ,149jarequi and Chinn ,157 Winston Kinser ,and Burroughs ,165 Mueller ,174 .Lucas 184 Jones ,197 Taylor and jones -hwt Massey and dobies .That is 16 ? Let me check the Roster change thing .
  4. Dont I have 197 jones?
  5. Both of my 141s are crappy, need a good one.
  6. Nay,
    you call DC and tell him he'd be stupid to risk everything if he isn't 100%-why wrestle ? he has 2 fish coming up -why risk aggravating his injury ? Tell him to ask his coach WHY he wants DC to wrestle ? So he won't get fired , that is why . VaTech is the ticket next year .
  7. Nay ,
    I have a few guys who might help you that i might not use -like Garnett or chris honeycutt -you know Garnett and honeycutt is #11 and 22-5 at 184 .
  8. Nay,
    I don't know what to tell you or suggest you do at 197 next week-Taylor has 2 tough matches- Byers and Jones -and Jones would just have one tough match Taylor.If you want my advice on whom to draft let me know .
  9. Roro I KNOW wrestling -this BS fantasy stuff -nada -but I wrestled in high school and college and coached for nearly 30 years -I'll bet his fag coach was saying shit like D needs to be a man and learn this and that -BS-he just wants to use DC to win matches so he can keep his punk ass job . DC needs to transfer -Rutgers is a hell of a school right down the road from you ..Cornell is too preppy maybe Maryland .That coach has DC Caramancia Hamrah and can't win .That's ate up. Or he could walk across the street to NC-the best up and coming school ? Just e-mailed their coach yesterday -VaTech -they went and hired a high school coach who knows kids and how to work with them -they could walk away with the ACC and place in the top 3 at the NCAA's with DC.
    good luck finding any of these pricks to trade with you -Man -I have missed you roro-
  10. for sure for sure Russ. I told him if he goes out to help his coach/team then he should get his A$$ whooped because he knows his body and what he can do. The coach was callin my dad askin him to talk to Darry last night. he wanted darry to wrestle bad, and the teram got smackedup pretty good anyway. Your predictions seem very accurate.
  11. Nay, Don't let this get to D's coach but fuck the regular season -why risk getting hurt when NC State sucks as a team anyway -he should not go until he is 100% and if the coach doesn't like it -Fxx him and his mama . DC wants to be a champion -why wrestle hurt -get healthy for the ACC then the NCAA's -he has NOTHING to prove -everyone knows what time it is -DC,Bubba and Metcalf -in that order -tell him an old ex- wrestling coach said to get 100% before he takes the mat again .
  12. Me too! I want it so bad I can taste the victory already. And when I talked to Darry his main reason for missing last nights match is ha wants to be so ready that everyone forgets the Allstar bout.
  13. Good to hear -I hope he beats that fag from Iowa so badly . I hate Iowa .
  14. Everything is ok, I thought he would be back, but he was not at 100% be back sat and sun.
  15. Nay,
    just saying hi and checking on DC-he ok ?
  16. good -I was worried ou were upset but I wouldn't plan on trading with someone -Zapp just nullified a trade whereI could have picked up a top 5 165 .
  17. Russ, were cool, i cant trade right now. I will wait 1 more week then play my last 2 waivers and trade withh one of the guys not making the playoffs.
  18. here are the top ten from Div 1-
    125-Donahoe 2-Falck3-Precin 4 -Nickerson 5 -Escobedo 6-Sanders 8 -Sentes 9-Fio-10-Clark
    133 1 Dennis 2-Kennedy 3 Hochsrasser 4 -Ness 5 Humphrey6 Gomez 7 Fanthorpe 8Strayer 9-Baker 10-Bell

    I am just trying to prove to you that I am not trying to screw you over and that Bell is a better 33 than what you have and he will win the ACC.
    If you want to try and work out a deal get in touch .
  19. Nay , I made a bunch of trades to get Steve Bell for you but apparently you do not want the defending ACC champion -I apologize for what ever I have done to make you mad at me -I was just trying to better both our teams -good luck and i hope you make the playoffs . Russ
  20. Glad to see you made it !!! If you still want me to try to get Steve Bell for you let me know -you probably should have kept Winston and lost Va. Jones -whatever i can do to help let me know .
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