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  1. Man my lineup looks great. Grenwald is like a bonus. Can't wait til week 1.
  2. We can wait on Elohim as no one knows about him -I'll get you a 157 ,174 and hwt .then we'll get together -I took another 74 for Thaxton and SGallan snags Lee .Rebertus from Navy wrestles about 40 matches before the NCAA's .
  3. also I like Palma form ncst as my hwt. new kid but he will be able to make me some points in the ACC.
  4. I'm on the road going home now but I want you to draft Bonilla Bowman, or brown at 157, uunless there is a better choice for me.
  5. give me a sgjestion for my next pic. most of your others are gone.
  6. yeah russ, I said i want your advise reguardless,
  7. Nay,
    Did you say anything with that last PM ? It came back with just the message I'd sent you .
  8. I am going to make your pick -Rendos -165 -Bucknell-finished 5th last year -and we'll hope Lee is on the board -they were going to skip you as you went over your time limit . I can choose or you can be skipped -I'll choose so you do NOT lose a turn .
  9. Nay,
    You held the draft up all night -take Lee from Boise State at 174 ? he or Saddoris 157 or a hwt . I have Lee on my squad -please hurry .
  10. I see what you mean. A little research and a great lesson . Chaimberlain will be my next pick!
  11. Nay -if you go to the FRONT page of the wrestling talk -JensenS has broken down all the classes up to 157 .
    Off beat heavy -DJ Russo=Rutgers -pins a ton of people and was 32-17 as a freshman last year -OR Mitch Monterio from Call State bakersfield . 157-Saddoris Navy -moving up to 157 and won over 40 matches -165-Brown ??? 174 -a bit of a sleeper -I may take him for Thaxton -Blanton from Illinois -only as a back up to Lee try to get 149-Chamberlain-We'll worry about the last guys when it's time I have about 20 sleepers . Once again -you are a grown man -you make the final choices -I suggest , you choose .Russ
  12. Yeah Baby!!!!!
  13. VAIS wasn't happy when you took Josh-he was 46-6 with 24 falls and CAA champion -he probably won't win the title but he'll score over 100 points for you . Last year , when I was in last place , I found Josh and he pinned 4 guys that weekend . GREAT PICK roadie .Russ
  14. I like what I see there. GOLD Draft starts shortly and I have the 4th pick in the 1st round then the 9th pick. Hope some of these guys are still around as we get going.
  15. Nay ,
    Here is my team through the first 7 rounds -125-Escobedo-133 -Grey-141 -Gallick-149 -Metcalf-157 -O'Conner -165---174 -Lee 184 --197---Hwt -Birchler .
    It is a lot harder with 14 guys -you keep watc hinmg the guys you want get drafted away . Let me know if you want my advise . Russ
  16. I will ALWAYS be here for you and if I can pull some strings or call in a favor for a trade just let me know . Russ
  17. I was looking for you in the Gold League Now I understand you are taking the comp to higher levels. Looking forward to your mentoring.
  18. Hey big bro,
    I want Boroughs and if not I will take your advise on varner. Lets kick some butt this year.
  19. Yo roro,
    Got any thoughts on your first pick ? I am in the other league this year so I won't be able to help as much but I can advise you -not that you need it but you may want to broaden out way past the ACC and I know a lot of good wrestlers -I'd take Burroughs again but he'll go quickly . If he isn't available try for Varner or Ness.-Russ
  20. Nay,
    Is your bro definitely red shirting? I have the #1 pick and want him but not if he RS's .I'll end up taking metcalf .
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