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  1. Your brother just stepped on Palmer -probably made him shit his panmts -I was pulling for your guy at 25 -he damn near made it -Burroughs MVP-good job .
  2. Yea, he realy got his butt kicked. He was not even ready for that match. I say he goes back to the room and half kills himself training for this guy. He will beat BM if when they meetb again.
  3. sorry about your brother's loss -don't pay too much attention to what alot of these dickheads will say . Later .
  4. yeah, I 've seen him before when he was younger. He has always impressed me. He is a work hourse. He also has great parents that are very supportive. GREAT KID!!
  5. That 125 lber was a nice pick-up. I went to add him to my roster and you had already snatched him up-he did some damage at the NC open-scared the hell out of some people -like Nikko.
  6. just trying to find you -good luck to you -the trade is posted and then I checked and Brennar got beat at 174 today -oh well-I need an 84 lber and Lucas might put you over the top-he has won the Oklahome gold and black and stuck someone in a dual meet so hes 4-5 -o .
  7. Good Luck!
  8. I'll talk to the commish and once he approves it it is a done deal. I'll tell Zapp now -I hate to part with Lucas but I can't be ffting 184 everyweek.
  9. this might be the missing pc OK then. Make the trade Doug U for Alton L. How do we do this?
  10. NO-Alton is kicking ASS -it's just that Brennar from West Virginia is dropping down from 184 to 174 and come tourney time I can only wrestle one and I'll probably choose Brennar , Lucas is undefeated so far but I need an 84 lber as Honeycutt is hurt .
  11. I'm keeping Jones. Are you saying Alton may not be wrestling or he is going down a class?
  12. Got a huge no from SGallan about Caldwell so that's dead . I tried .
  13. I can only if you work a deal for Caldwell from squall. See what you can do.
  14. I'll give you Alton Lucas for either of your 184 lber's.Brennar is coming down from 184 and seems a shame to have Lucas on the bench .
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