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  1. Nay-Looking at the line up you submitted and you did a good job except Buirroughs isn't wrestling anywhere that I can see -why not stick Winston in at 157 and hope he gets you some points at the Midlands ? Burroughs is 50 times bettter but he can't score if he isn't wrestling , can he ? Double check it and get back with me .
  2. I was looking at your lineup and your 133 lber and 165 aren't wrestling that well -
    if you want to get rid of either Taylor or heinrich I'll give you Marble -16-5 at 133 and Andrew Howe ranked 14th at 165 . or we caN WORK SOMETHING OUT -BUT lITTLE HAS A LOSING RECORD .5-6 LAST i CHECKED . get back to me and hopefully we'll both make the finals .
  3. I went ahead and traded a 141 lber for him -I didn't know if I'd be around a workable computer for awhile and Tigerfan wanted Marcus Hoehn so I traded him -I am about to take this new Modem ATT sold me and shove it up somebody's ass -it makes me reprogram the damn modem everytime I try to log on -With my luck this kid will pass out or get pregnant -I swear I am snake bit at this shit -I just want to beat the redneck from Iowa .
  4. Sorry just got back today from philly. now who is it that you want I am going to drop bonilla.
  5. No GO ?
  6. Nay , I need to know by tomorrow if you will do that deal -i only want him because he wrestles twice more this month-you merely draft Trotman -174 -App.State and then trade him to me for Jarequi -that way you have a back-up 149 and I have -hopefully- a point getter for this month.
  7. Waddup ? How about Jarequi-ranked #15 on Div 1 , if you pick up Trotman from Appalachan state at 174 .You still need a backup 149 to split time with Chinn and Brennar-he was 20-5 last year at 184 -has already lost 4 matches -you draft Trotman at 174 and trade him to me for Jarequi at 149 -your 157 is #1 at Div 1 site -Burroughs -what is wrong with BB-at 157 3-6 from a NCAA qualifier to 3-6 is a hard fall-especially since he hasn't wrestled anyone tough yet .
    Trotman is ranked 15th but he is in 2 tournaments this month and I have to get some points . Let me know when you can and if you will . RP
  8. Hey RP,
    You have earned alot of trust from me. thanks for your honesty. If there is anything I could do to help boost your team let me know. I need one of us if not both of us to make the playoffs. maybe when january comes we can get good lineups goin and get points from all players each week barring injury.
  9. I went ahead and did the deal -using my last waiver -but I didn't want you to feel I was pressuring you . Intermat rankings dropped Jarequi all the way out this week-last week he was #9 and before that #5-I think because he got beat in CK and left after losing -pissed me off and looks like it did alot of the ranking people -Div 1 wrestling still has him at #9 if you need him he's on the waiver wire -you only have one 149lber and he doesn't wrestle that much and agiainst the top opponents he gets his ass kiocked alot -If I were you I'd lose Bonnilla -Bowman-he's supposed to be all that but his record is 3-6 and you have 2 157 ,one great , one real good.
    Maybe we can do this in the future and if I falll completely -almost there alradty ,out of the picture we can trade and I'll give you my studs -Precin may win it this year with angel's shoulder messed up.
  10. If you feel the least bit uncomfortable doing this -DON'T-you're getting a good 149 lber -check the rankings -and you are drafting a so-so 197 for me -all you are out is a draft pick-you hold on to Taylor .
  11. Hold up ro-ro..I don't expect you to trade me Taylor for Jarequi-I simply want you to draft Riley Orozco from Cal-State Bakersfield -then trade the rights to him to me for Jarequi-that way you have your GREAT 197 lber -and a real good 149 lber and I end up with some jerk-off that I hope can win some matches until the first of the year -Then , if I have to -=I will try to draft a better 197 lber -this Orozco inn't even rated I don't think .Found one site where he is rated #21.
    Listen Roadie -I would NEVER try to take advantage of you like that -you hold on to Taylor for dear life -he and my -hurt guy- are the leading contenders for the title-I simply had to use all my waivers because those guys redshirted and quit and got hurt .

    This is the deal-you draft Riley Orozco for me -dump some loser like Bonilla-Bowman-3-6-and trade riley Orozco to me for #5 seeded 149 lber David Jarequi-I think he beat Chinn last year
  12. RP could we wait til tommorrow for the trade. I want to talk to my brother DC first I know he likes Taylor and I dont want him to call me doo doo bird. OK?
  13. Ok lets do it RP.
  14. He's wrestling in bith the Reno and the Southern Scuffle -if he does as well as he did in CK-he could bring me up to 4-50 points and put me ahead of Herkey .
  15. Riley Orozco-he finished 3rd at Cliff Keen and he's 9-2 but more importantly he is wrestling a dual and 2 tournaments before the end of the year -you can have Jarequi if you'll do this -I need the points because Todd is out until at least Feb.
  16. RP if you had more waivers who would you drft in place of my guy. I dont see any good 197lbers. Let me know.
  17. ACC -was wondering if you would do me a solid -I only have 1 waiver thing left and my 197 lber -Todd- is hurt -I was wondering if IO gave you Jarequi from West Virginia 149-you would draft a 197 lber and trade him to me for Jarequi He's ranked in the top 10 in most polls but i have Ruschell now and don't need him .
    Let me know your answer in a day or so -This is legal as Gold and I did it -that's how I got ruschell-I had 4-5 kids redshirt on me and Cocuzzo quit -that's why i've used all my waiver things -i'd really appreciate this if you would be so kind .
  18. thanks rp,
  19. Tell DC that you have a roadie on a wrestling site that's pulling for him.
  20. thanks dude. I feel good right now. I see DCs attitude has changed and he is working out hard. March is realy where its @.
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