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  1. Nay-
    AT 133 -Cox-from Wyoming just beat #9 Novachov last night-he was a 125 but moved up when Martinez came down-he is the reason I dropped KJAR-. Cox from Wyoming-no one has him and he will win the WWC conference.
  2. Nay,
    I'm not sure which league I'm going to be in-1/2 the league wants me out of Jensens because I kicked their ass and did so while remaining a nice guy-Make sure JensenS knows you are interested and let Gold know as well-the 2 of them will make their decisions soon-IF JensenS let's GAGE in I'm going with Gold or not play .
    Stay in touch and how's football season going ?
  3. PLEASE change your line up-PLEASE??
  4. NAY-
    Put spellman in at 184 and move patterson to 174 .
  5. Nay,
    Both your 174's are out for the season-but Patterson is dropping down to 174 -so lose Patrovich and Rebertus and try and find a 184 .
  6. Little bro,
    2 DNC's hurt you but you still scored well-you need a back up 148 and Russo scored 20 mre then Palma -but you are doing great .!!! russ
  7. Thanks for cleaning up your line up. Russ
  8. Why do you PM me and not send a message ?? You doing ok ?
  9. nay -this should be a BIG point week for you -JBB is wrestling like shit -you may want to look at Fittery or Scotten to replace him -Fittery just kicked steve Brown's ass and is 13-1 with his one loss to Scotten -Scotten will also win the ACC title at 57 .go get 'em .Russ
  10. born with some genetic disease -he's a Mormon and I have nothing against Mormons but they are polygamists and incestuos people-his mom was probably his cousin .
    man ,I don't know if I could wrestle that dude w/out laughing .Russ
  11. Heck yeah!! What happened to his mug. LOL!!!
  12. Nay,
    Kjar is about an ugly mother fucker tho-got some disease and he looks like the kid from Mask -look up his picture -scarey.
  13. your right bro. Kjar had a great weekend. and I like him.
  14. Nay, you did a GREAT job with your line up this week . Garnett is a little dinged up so Keep your eye on him and use Kjar if you need him . Russ
  15. Change 141 to the kid from Cornell-he has Maryland and the body bar
  16. your green light is on -you better be posting a line up!!!!
  17. Isola is injury prone and I only think hes good for 10 matches top the entire season. Eloiem has alot of promise. I dont want to loose him. Its like a gutt instinct.
  18. Glad you made it -Still no computer access ? Should be a BIG points week . Let me know what you want to do about heavy -Marone is just taking up space and Elohim is not wrestling varsity -they have Isola wrestling and he is useless -If you want to trade Rendos for Brown you'll gain about 10 matches as ODU has a great schedule .
  19. Nay, Got some bad news -Russell is red shirting at 141 -you have enough ammo to make a good trade and get another one -he got hurt in practice and will miss 1/2 the year so they are going to red shirt him .I'll pull some magic and get you another one .Russ
  20. no problem roadie . You have a hella squad -check out your back up 125 -Kjar -this is the first year that college is eligable for the NCAA's -he won like 29 matches and beat Sanders twice this summer . I worked harder on your team than mine .
    Make sure you check every wrestler's schedule each week and pick the one with the most matches or the most sissies -Greenwald ,I couldn't belive was still on the board 23 wins 19 of them pins .Russ
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