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    Nay, if you go to the first page of the waivers they have all your waivers shown -they have you with 6 left . Also, I tried to reach you -did you get that switch in your line up corrected ? IN TIME ?
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    Nay, I told Zapp what you wanted to do but he said you have to alter your line-up yourself on the line-up page -leaves you about 5 hours .
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    A little more advice , if you want it , that outstanding drop you have -use it NOW and pick up the 197 lber from Va. -put him in the line-up instead of your 1st string 197 -he'll get a minimum of 3 matches at the Va. Duals . Plus -although he's ranked 16th in the nation he's a pin artist and former World Greco-Roman champion -he won 32 lmatches last year . It's a risk but , hey, now or never time for both of us .
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    this is advice -you are a grown ass man and no one should tell you what to do -
    125 -Garnetti-Virginia Duals
    133-Marble --V D
    141 Penn state kid in the National duals
    157 Burroughs
    157 flex -Winston -4 matches
    165 ODU-VDMaryland
    174 -Lucas -NC State .
    184 -Jones -National duals -
    197 -Taylor-NC-
    HWT -Dobies .
    You'll get alot of matches in this way -plus you still have points coming in the NCstate duals and maybe today against West Virginia.
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    I'll alert Zapp-
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    Nay -I've done everything but beg to get you to pay attention to me and answer my PM's -I've been wheelin ' and dealin' trying to get to the finals -this next line-up is crucial-I could trade tyou Dave Marble -ranked 12th at 133 and a shoo in to win his conference for Heinrich -your 2nd string 174 -Marble is wrestling in the VA. Duals this week and last week he wrestled twice as my back up and got me 11 points -a fall and a tech -Hudson Taylor flopped on you -how 's he gonna AA if he finishes 7th at the Midlands -of 5th or whatever he placed -I am trading my 165 lber Howe -the same one I offered you earlier -to a guy to draft Halsey for me -I'll tell him to get screwed if you want to do these deals because Howe is hot and everyone wants him because he beat the #1 seed 14-8 in the midlands your 133 lber sucks dick PERIOD-Howe is ranked 8th in the nation today according to Div 1 wrestling site-what did your guy at 65 get you ? nothing .
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    Nay -I don't want to stress this point but you are going to be a little surprised when the scores come out next week and you see that you are in 9th place -or worse -you scored what 116 ? last week ? Normally that would be great -but I scored 147 and fft-d 2 weights because the guys were injured -Herkey and Arch outscored you -you have a championship quality team but not if you don't finish in the top 4 -and you are running out of time -everything else are dual meets -so you need to get every point possable -I am not lying to you nor have I ever lied to you -but if we don't get together we are both screwed -I'll make the top 4 -6 then get beat in the tourney because I had to sacrifice skill wrestlers for point getters -I got some points -even to place -but now I'm going nowhere in the tourney where if we both got in the tourney we'd have a chance -125 , 149 , 157 197 -all 4 of those could AA and 3 could win it for you -BUT not if you don't get into the tourney -
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    JBB got you a 3rd -not bad -alot better than zero-Nay -you have possably 2-3 champs -but you have to get to the finals to go to the tourney . If you want to get serious and make both our teams better -let me know -if you want to fly solo-that's ok too .
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    Nay -who are you going to wrestle in the tourney ?-VaTech or Cornell ? I'm trying so hard to get a 97 lber it hurts -I've worked so hard and to have some asshole who flunked off take my guy's spot just sucks -I'm trying to set up a 3 way deal is why I ask about your 125 lber . You'd better wrestle Nickerson !!!

    P.S.-forget about the Heinrich thing for now -but if you would trade me Winston for Kinser I'd greatly appreciate it . Kinser is ranked 11th and Winston 17th -Hell-I'll take Bonnilla -Bowman if you want .
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    I meant winston - not Welch-
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    By the way -Trotman is in the FCA and is an academic honor student -look him up -he won 21 matches at 184 last year and is 12-2 right now . I won't lie to you -Heinrich is better -but you can't wrestle both he and Lucas at tourney time -plus Kinser is better than welch and is 10-2 -losing to Leen and Pami in close matches . I just don't want an IU kid on my team and I graduated from IU .Their coach -Goldman is a bitch and I told him so.
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    Nay .

    I'll give you 2 of my starters for 2 of your reserves -at 174 I have Trotman -a huge black kid from App.state who is ranked 15th for Heinrich -who is ranked 11th -and I'll give you Kurt Kinser for Jason Welch-Kinser is ranked 11th and Welch 17th -just a straight trade -you give up 2 reserves and I give up 2 varsitys -I got into an arguement with IU's coach so I'm trying to trade away all my IU kids -you have Lucas and Burroughs who are going to AA for you so you're not really missing anything except maybe a flex -but Trotman will fill in nicely and he'll win the SO Con and get you 16 points right there , or is it 20 ? Kinser stuck welch at the MSU open I just won't get what he's worth so I figured you could use him . Deal ?
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    Nay -I need to know if you are going to draft -Brandon Halsey -Cal State Bakersfield -for me or not . I'll give you Howe and you might want to draft him for yourself then trade Taylor to me -this kid is good -or if nothing else please draft Bradshaw for me .If you don't want Howe I have Jarequi @149 -i've just worked so hard and traded and drafted to get where I'm at -i think after the Reno week I should be in 6th place .
    PLEASE let me know as soon as possible . Thanks , Russ
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    Nay -I'll give you my prize freshman 165 lber -Andrew Howe -if you draft Bradshaw from Edinboro- 197- for me -all your'e out is a draft pick and you're getting the top freshman in the NCAA's -he was 3 x state champ and a friend of mine but m,y other 197 lber got beat out by some asshole who flunked off last year . Of course the year before he won the Pac 10 conference and beat the #1 seed at the NCAA's .
    As for your 133 problem , there are a few mid level guysa but no one who stands out -if I were you I'd draft Dillashaw from Cal -if you want to take a chance there is a young broher from N.Ill who is 8-4 with 6 pinds -your best bet is wait for a trade .
    After the Scuffle I'll be ffting 197 so if you could draft Bradshaw for me I'd appreciate it and give you the best high schoiol wrestler I''ve ever seen -he's like 9-2 so far but he gets better every week .
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    Nay -holler at me when you get online tomorrow -we'll woprk out some deals because the next lineup is THE major of the season -you might want to have someone at 149 in the Midlands -I'll need you to pick me up a 97 lber as the last one got hurt -I have the 13th rated 133 lber in the nation and I can come off my super freshman -Howe -at 165 .

    We'll talk tomorrow .
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    nay , that's a better move then putting Winston in because the Scuffle is usually weaker and maybe Bonnilla can get some things going and get you some points -has Litle scored you a point yet ? Plus he's ranked like 4th in his own conference so there goes a chance at those bonus points .
    Wish your brother well for me . The 189 lber in the tourney I mean.
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    Nay-Looking at the line up you submitted and you did a good job except Buirroughs isn't wrestling anywhere that I can see -why not stick Winston in at 157 and hope he gets you some points at the Midlands ? Burroughs is 50 times bettter but he can't score if he isn't wrestling , can he ? Double check it and get back with me .
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    I was looking at your lineup and your 133 lber and 165 aren't wrestling that well -
    if you want to get rid of either Taylor or heinrich I'll give you Marble -16-5 at 133 and Andrew Howe ranked 14th at 165 . or we caN WORK SOMETHING OUT -BUT lITTLE HAS A LOSING RECORD .5-6 LAST i CHECKED . get back to me and hopefully we'll both make the finals .
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    I went ahead and traded a 141 lber for him -I didn't know if I'd be around a workable computer for awhile and Tigerfan wanted Marcus Hoehn so I traded him -I am about to take this new Modem ATT sold me and shove it up somebody's ass -it makes me reprogram the damn modem everytime I try to log on -With my luck this kid will pass out or get pregnant -I swear I am snake bit at this shit -I just want to beat the redneck from Iowa .
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    No GO ?
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