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    Nay, Got some bad news -Russell is red shirting at 141 -you have enough ammo to make a good trade and get another one -he got hurt in practice and will miss 1/2 the year so they are going to red shirt him .I'll pull some magic and get you another one .Russ
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    no problem roadie . You have a hella squad -check out your back up 125 -Kjar -this is the first year that college is eligable for the NCAA's -he won like 29 matches and beat Sanders twice this summer . I worked harder on your team than mine .
    Make sure you check every wrestler's schedule each week and pick the one with the most matches or the most sissies -Greenwald ,I couldn't belive was still on the board 23 wins 19 of them pins .Russ
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    We can wait on Elohim as no one knows about him -I'll get you a 157 ,174 and hwt .then we'll get together -I took another 74 for Thaxton and SGallan snags Lee .Rebertus from Navy wrestles about 40 matches before the NCAA's .
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    Did you say anything with that last PM ? It came back with just the message I'd sent you .
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    I am going to make your pick -Rendos -165 -Bucknell-finished 5th last year -and we'll hope Lee is on the board -they were going to skip you as you went over your time limit . I can choose or you can be skipped -I'll choose so you do NOT lose a turn .
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    You held the draft up all night -take Lee from Boise State at 174 ? he or Saddoris 157 or a hwt . I have Lee on my squad -please hurry .
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    Nay -if you go to the FRONT page of the wrestling talk -JensenS has broken down all the classes up to 157 .
    Off beat heavy -DJ Russo=Rutgers -pins a ton of people and was 32-17 as a freshman last year -OR Mitch Monterio from Call State bakersfield . 157-Saddoris Navy -moving up to 157 and won over 40 matches -165-Brown ??? 174 -a bit of a sleeper -I may take him for Thaxton -Blanton from Illinois -only as a back up to Lee try to get 149-Chamberlain-We'll worry about the last guys when it's time I have about 20 sleepers . Once again -you are a grown man -you make the final choices -I suggest , you choose .Russ
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    No problem. Now that I think about it, you probably could have deleted it yourself. Anyways, you pick before me, so don't worry about what I'm going to do.
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    VAIS wasn't happy when you took Josh-he was 46-6 with 24 falls and CAA champion -he probably won't win the title but he'll score over 100 points for you . Last year , when I was in last place , I found Josh and he pinned 4 guys that weekend . GREAT PICK roadie .Russ
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    Nay ,
    Here is my team through the first 7 rounds -125-Escobedo-133 -Grey-141 -Gallick-149 -Metcalf-157 -O'Conner -165---174 -Lee 184 --197---Hwt -Birchler .
    It is a lot harder with 14 guys -you keep watc hinmg the guys you want get drafted away . Let me know if you want my advise . Russ
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    I will ALWAYS be here for you and if I can pull some strings or call in a favor for a trade just let me know . Russ
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    Yo roro,
    Got any thoughts on your first pick ? I am in the other league this year so I won't be able to help as much but I can advise you -not that you need it but you may want to broaden out way past the ACC and I know a lot of good wrestlers -I'd take Burroughs again but he'll go quickly . If he isn't available try for Varner or Ness.-Russ
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    Is your bro definitely red shirting? I have the #1 pick and want him but not if he RS's .I'll end up taking metcalf .
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    Yea -I saw he's been doing that thing during the summer -LOVE to see him wearing an Olympic singlet .
    How's football season going ? Those 2 a days used to kill me
    A coupla people who don't want to go to JensenS ' site want me to be commissioner -what do you think ??-None of this BS about line up turn ins -12.00 am -any later and you are screwed -you miss one line up -ok-I'll let you have last weeks team -after that you got shit coming .and if a bunch of pussies quit 1/2 way through the year we'll have a draft and put those players up for grabs .
    There were 8-9 AA's on guys teams that quit -that won't happen again .
    Things will stay the same with us little roadie -we'll help each other when we can .Really good hearing from you .
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    Nay ,
    I saw your post about WTF-I sent you an e-mail trying to get you some trades as you had the worst draw I had ever seen but you never got back to me -I could have helped you score an extra 30 points or so .
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    You had a great season little brother -I am very proud of you and tell Darry I said congrats . I loook forward to doing the fantasy thing now that Zapp is quittng .
    I just wanted to thank you for making the season enjoyable .
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    Nay-I am hoping -YES FUCK Metcalf !!!
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    Chinn has Peter Yates first round -he'll probably lose Mueller has Manuel -he will definitely lose -I can trade you 3 for 2 -;l give you Barnes -who wrestles a kid he has already pinned ,Adam Hall who has to wrestle Dragon , a kid he beat 14-3 ,and chris brown -who has beaten the first 2 guys he has to wrestle -for Burroughs and Jones at 197 . I am trading you 1 guys who will win at least his first match-Barnes and 2 who will win their first 2 matches for Burroughs and Jones .Burroughs will place 3rd or 4th and Jones I will use as a flex .
    Read the brackets-your guys will lose -'m offering you 2 of my starters and a good 149 pounder for burroughs and Jones .
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    You only have til tomorrow for the change -then the line up is set .
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    The pairings came out and you may want to wrestle Sentes over Garnett as Garnett has Bedolyn then Escobedo-last years champion . Sentes has beaten Zoeteway and then wrestles Fio who he beat 7-2 earlier in the year .
    I hate to say this but you have a terrible draw at nearly every weight save 157 . At 33 Bebee has Ness,41 Krom has Tshirt ,49 Chinn has ??65 Mueller has King ,174 Lucas may win his first match then it's trouble 84 Jones will wrestle Herbert in the 3rd round -97 Taylor will wrestle Halsey and Massey has a tough kid . Winston may win but Burroughs has Gillespie on his side of the draw and he has never beaten gillespie -I was hoping that would be the finals where Burroughs would be pumped .
    Talk to me and we may have to switch a couple of guys -that is what happens when you come from the ACC or the MAC -you get screwed at the NCAA's .
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