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  1. our oldest said he prob. learned the most about taking shots. I can say from watching him his shots were really improved this year. Def. did better at finishing them.
  2. Thanks for the info. Also what did your kids learn best?
  3. My boys loved the contact with the guys from the college. Both had some great one on one time with Cale. Also said that they liked the work outs even the early morning runs (but the do a ton of running at home also). They said it was great to spend 21 days with the kids from lots states and have some time to get to know them. It was a great experiance for them. Our oldest is a sophmore and youngest is a 14 year old freshmen, I will tell you that when they first got there it was not the best, but after they got into the flow and really started to practice and get in some live matches they thought it was the best. Both are looking forward to going agian. They have even kept up really well with the Iowa State season and did travel to Lincoln to watch them duel UNL right the day after our State Tourny and had the chance to talk to Cale and the guys. I feel that the program from Iowa really made them feel welcome and helped them get ready for the next level.
  4. Can you give me some details about the camp. What did your kids like about it?
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