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Thread: 2008 Olympic Wrestling Live Webcast Times

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    Default 2008 Olympic Wrestling Live Webcast Times

    NBC?s Olympic website,, is streaming matches from Beijing, so you will be able to watch matches right at your computer. Tony Black from USAW role with NBC is doing live commentary of the wrestling matches.

    Most of the competition will take place in the middle of the night in the US. When it is 5:00 PM in Beijing, it will be 5:00 AM Eastern Time, 4:00 AM Central Time, 3:00 AM Mountain Time, and 2:00 AM Pacific Time. I am not sure if the footage will be archived on or not, so you will be watching some of the wrestling in the middle of the night.
    Below is a schedule of events (remember to adjust your time accordingly, as competition will actually begin stateside the night before the date below ? i.e.: August 12th means the night of August 11th/12th):
    August 12 ? GR 55 kg, GR 60 kg
    August 13 ? GR 66 kg, GR 74 kg
    August 14 ? GR 84 kg, GR 96 kg, GR 120 kg
    August 16 ? WFS 48 kg, WFS 55 kg
    August 17 ? WFS 63 kg, WFS 72 kg
    August 19 ? FS 55 kg, FS 60 kg
    August 20 ? FS 66 kg, FS 74 kg
    August 21 ? FS 84 kg, FS 96 kg, GR 120 kg

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    Thank you, something I needed... my country is not showing wrestling.

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