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    Just thought I'd share some good ones I found on youtube. - I don't know if I've ever seen a wrestler that good get so thoroughly thrashed (Umahanov vs Teedev) pretty good scrambles in this one (Umahanov vs Barzakov, Olympic final.)

    Whatever happened to Umahanov? I know he won the Olympics in one year, and lost to Gia in another Olympics, but I dunno what he did in the years in between.

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    Thanks, arm-spin. These are nice to see (again).

    That Tedeev match was absolutely abusive on Umakhanov's part. From 1995 until that match, Tedeev had two world golds (including being the returning world champ at 63 kilos), an Olympic silver and never placed out of the top 5 in anything else. Man, did he get torched there.

    Talk about early burn out. Umakhanov wrestled in the senior division from 1997 through the 2000 Olympic Games. with two of those years being spent at 58 kilos. He then returned for the 2004 Olympic Games to rep Russia once more and that is it. That dude was a freakin' stud.

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    umakhanov-tadeev match was amazing! i think umakhanov wanted revenge for his loss to tadeev at euro's. At the end he almost gets pinned! lol

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    Not Umahanov.. but someone finally posted Igali matches to youtube!!
    Just the OT of the semi vs Linc Manc. My favorite match of all-time.
    match vs. Gitinov. Another great match. Daniel's constant pressure vs Gitinov's funk... a couple of observations.
    a) Gitinov damn near pins Daniel with that gut wrench
    b) shouldn't a gut wrench from the tripod position be a 3 pt move, or am I wrong about that?

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