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Thread: Team vs individual philosiphy

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    The ultimate decision was the head coach's, but he respected my opinion, so my advice was a big factor. The choice wasn't an easy one and all of your points are valid, but I felt that all things considered, the balance tipped in favor of letting them go head to head.

    In the perspective of the years that have gone by, I still think it was the right decision. I don't remember all the league championships we won, but I have vivd memories of that incredible match. Sure, league championships are great, but matches like that are what makes the sport great.
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    I completely understand the reasoning, it wasn't like the kid was going to be outclassed in the match and he definitely had a chance to win. Bumping kids around is something that must be done with caution and it can backfire at times.
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    CK- as an aside were you at the Cathedral/Delta match along time ago when Cathedral screwed up and sent the wrong kid onto the mat? Coach Rhodes had meant to hold his 177 lger til 185 but the Delta coach pretended to send his stud out at 177 then pulled him back at the last second -cost Cathedral the match and ended a 5 year unbeaten string -best coaching move ever.

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