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Thread: Freshman on varsity

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    I was a freshmen on my team as 135lb. I did alright, I belive my record, was 25-10. I also had to beat out a senior to get my spot.

    Was I undeserving. I dont think so

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    I believe that many freshman these days have much more experience than the upper class wrestlers. My son is a freshman here in California, and he has wrestled with much success at tournaments across the country. Such as all the Jack Roller Tournaments, and others. He has wrestled the "big" matches and won. Which I believe will help him not be in shock when he wrestles in the "big" high school tournaments. I think in any sport nowadays the young athletes normally have to start at a young age to be varsity as freshmen.

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    sorry guys i need a certain number of posts to send message

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