There has been some discussion about changing the weight classes for high school wrestling. I for one am opposed to the weights that I saw proposed and the elimination of weight classes. I want kids to have the opportunity to compete and do not want to diminish those opportunities by eliminating weight classes. Minnesota wants to lead the charge towards the elimination of weight classes to 13 and then maybe even 12. Some have proposed as few as 11. I like the fact that we can provide a place for an athlete that is small in stature. Few other sports can offer that opportunity. The athletes under 125 pounds can compete and be successful they can't do so in basketball, rarely in football and baseball, and unless they are very quick track is out. So why this emphasis on eliminating weight classes? Is this truly about what is best for the kids competing? Is this about schools wanting to be more competitive with less kids competing? Is there so much emphasis on winning team titles and dual meets that we will eliminate opportunities for our kids to compete? What a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in when we put our egos as coaches above what is best for our kids.

Kris Kienzle