I posted something similar to this in another thread and got no responses:With Arkansas set to sanction high school wrestling on the varsity level as a championship sport, that would leave Mississippi as the only state without any organized high school wrestling. I was curious to know though what wrestling is like in the District of Columbia. Do any public high schools (especially, in the city proper) have any varsity programs? I know that at least a few private schools do (e.g. Sidwell Friends), but I doubt that wrestling is that big in DC to allow for a city (district) championship. Am I wrong? If I'm right, is there anything being done to improve the sport's status in DC in the near future?Also, besides American University, are there any colleges in the DC metro area that have varsity wrestling? Thanks for satisfying my curiousity.P.S. From what I've found on the Web, the schools in the DC metro area that have high school wrestling teams are mostly from the suburbs; thus leaving those teams to compete in either Maryland and Virginia for a state championship. But information on the Internet about this seems pretty scanty, or maybe I haven't done a deep enough search.