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    Hey, i've been wrestling for about a year now. I love it, got some cauliflower, but it's fine. Just a though that's been on my mind a LONG time. What if by senior year I don't make it to Masters. How important is CIF? I need some insight. Does it mean I just wasted 4 years??

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    this is a national forum so alot of the people on here are probably wondering what cif is. cif stands for california interscholastic federation. when referring to the cif tournament it is equivalent to that of a division tournament. masters is the section tournament. and then the cif state tournament. to answer your question: if by your senior year you dont make it to masters, i wouldnt consider you a failure. i mean look at adam wheeler. he never made it to masters and hes on the 2008 olympic team! and you cant say that you wasted 4 years. because by the time you are a senior, you will have learned so much and you will be thankful to the sport. just stick with it and youll see just as i have, along with many others, that this sport is worth every moment.

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    "Hey, i've been wrestling for about a year now. I love it"

    That statement says it all. The vast majority of wrestlers never make to the region or state torunaments. Most knew that when they started their 4th season. Like you, wrestlers love it for the sport it not is, not because they are champions.

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