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    I'm looking to improve this area of my performance on the mat. I figured this would be the best place to ask for some help in terms of different ways of scrambling/using funk (where/when to use funk, how to come out on top in scramble situations) and tips for when put in a scramble situation. Also, if you all have any links to instructional videos that demonstrate different situations to use funk in, posting them would be appreciated.


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    If you want a video I would suggest "Scrambled Leggs" by Mitch Clark, I went to a camp and he showed funk and I use it alot.

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    I'm sure this response will be seen by some as maddeningly unhelpful but whatever...

    Just wrestle, I mean the deal with funk kind of is that most of it is stuff that you aren't going to be technically taught. Put yourself in the positions that you're having trouble with in practice, and just drill over, and over again until you figure out what you want to do from there.

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    I'm Jensen, you can't learn "funk". It's evolves from natural sense of your position on the mat.

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    I think i can help you with this. Funk is something I saw and thought it was cool and now i am incorporating it into my wrestling. It's good because if the other guy is way faster then you and keeps getting in on your legs, you can turn his shot into a takedown of your own. Most guys aren't very good in scrambles because they haven't practiced enough and don't know what to do, but with a little practice you can get very good in them.
    Sean Byrnes does some amazing funk rolls. When he is up in the Iranian (where his legs are split between his opponents head, whatever way they take to turn him, he rolls that way with their leg. hard to explain but easy to see and not to hard to do. I have caught some good guys with it...he won a state title with that move.

    Askren is the man with scrambling and his defense. Just watch this video and pick up on some of the things he does and try and work it next time. He holds herbert on his back with a really cool defense that can be used when they try the funk roll that sean byrnes does.

    Watch these vidoes of Joey Langel... he has the best hips ever. You could throw him by and he will just step over you and get a takedown. And when you try to tilt him he will just hip his leg over, it's amazing.
    [ame=""]Bj Futrell IL v Joseph Langel NJ | 2008 HS Nationals - Seniors on Flowrestling[/ame]

    All three of these guys use the funk a little different. It's all good and it works. I think working in a combo of each of these guys moves would be the best. It just takes practice in the positions. And i disagree that you can't learn how to scramble because i have from these videos and it has worked.

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    If you want to learn funk, try first learning how to ride the legs. Also I would strongly suggest taking some tumbling class at a gymnastic center.

    Look up Tony Jameson*sp on the web at the super 32 and watch his matches.

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