My son started wrestling in 7th grade and is now going into 9th grade. Wrestling is his third sport. He has played Football and Lacrosse since he was 7. He has been a good youth football player, but he is really small for JV and he is a good lacrosse player. We are not pushy with sports, he plays what he likes, not what we want him to play. He is playing in a summer lacrosse league, an indoor lacrosse league and weight lifting with the JV football team. He has attended 2 wrestling camps and plans a third (2 were local) later in the summer.

What do you think of your wrestlers playing other sports?

I am a big fan of letting kids play sports for fun and encouraging them to be as good as they can at their chosen sports. But now my son is getting into high school and high school sports are more competitive. Do you think it hurts kids to be active in many sports?