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    ok thanks every one for the help also some one asked what grade ill be a jr next year seems kinda late to start yea i played football 7,8, and 9th grade and ive been lifting for 2 months now and im going to start running any advice on how often and how far???
    I started wrestling my junior year and I did fine (well not that bad at least). And trust me, I'm not the strongest guy out there either. I'm in cross country and track also and I'll be training for cross country over the summer and I'd say a good amount is 3-4 miles a day, six days a week. If that's too hard or too easy just make it harder or easier. Besides that, just try to have fun with it. Wrestling is by far the most fun sport I've ever done.

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    Get yourself a kettlebell (12kg 14kg 16kg). Go to youtube and learn how to use it. This will help you develop functional strength and endurance that you will need. Also, Kyle N gave you good advice about running. Most of all, get out on the mat and do it, and have fun.

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