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    Does anyone know what are some of the best wrestling technique camps in the country? Perhaps llike the top five or ten.

    This is my first year wrestling, and I'm looking to go to about 2 camps over the summer, mainly to improve my technique. I've got my conditioning regimen all worked out, but now I need some ideas of where to go and really improve my technique. So if anyone has any ideas, i'd like to know. Thanks!

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    John Smith puts on a great camp at Oklahoma State.

    For a real challenge check out the 2 week intensive training camp.

    John Smith's OSU Wrestling Camps
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    For a first year wrestler, I recommend attending clinics that are about a days long.
    These feature many moves with repitition of drilling to perfect each move.

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    Check out the web there are tons of them out there. The web makes it very easy to access what camps are available.

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    My sons went to an Athletes in Action camp about 10 years ago. I don't if they are still around. They are small camps maybe 30-35 kids. Great technician camps. The down side which we didn't expect, they were kept up till 12 AM talking about the Bible, then had to get up at 6 AM. 3 - 2.5 hour workouts a day, 5 days, these kids looked like zombies when I picked them up. They didn't mind the bible chat, but they couldn't handle the late nights/early mornings.

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    honestly, the Purler camp is one of if not the best. You will learn only the stuff that works and drill it enough to come home with the technigque; not "camp" moves. The problem with camps are that they teach so much that you can't possibly absorb it all in the end. In most cases coaches don't attend and then you don't have anyone that can help you with the things you forget. Purler not only works the right things he makes sure you leave with them fully integrated into your muscle memory.

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