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Thread: 2008 Dream Team Classic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbell134 View Post
    No ohioans?
    That's what I said. Jameson or Jordan should be up there at 145

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    What was the strongest Dream Team of the past 11? If you base it on NCAA performance the 2001 team has best results so far. 12 NCAA Championships. Ben Cherrington-1, Shane Webster-1, Troy Letters-1, Steve Mocco-2, Jake Roshalt-3, Marcus Levesser- 4(DIII). All Americans Nick Simmons, Cory Cooperman and Alex Tirapelli.

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    160 is going to be mighty ugly for Iowa. TBA had a better chance.

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    Anyone from Illinois know anything about Vince Ramo-he signed with IU-also this kid from Tn. is supposedly tough-Ryan Konz-He's a hoosier too.

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