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Thread: Delaware State Finals

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    Default Delaware State Finals

    103: Sean Boylan (St Marks) v. Bradon Davis (Caravel)
    112: Sean Dolan (St Marks) v. Chris Witte (Hodgson)
    119: Colton McFatridge (Hodgson) v. Alex Paladino (Caesar Rodney)
    125: Cody Combs (Sussex Central) v. Mike Magha (Indian River)
    130: Jarrod Garnett (Caravel) v. Zach Taylor (Hodgson)
    135: Eric Harper (Mt Pleasant) v. John Spence (Hodgson)
    140: PJ Barch (Sussex Central) v. Vinnie Shaw (St Marks)
    145: Nick Tiberi (Hodgson) v. Todd Koch (Caesar Rodney)
    152: Alex Meade (Caesar Rodney) Tyler Snook (St Marks)
    160: Keith Hynson (William Penn) v. Brandon Hazel (Sussex Central)
    171: Brock Budesheim (Sussex Central) v. Durihan Downs (Glasgow)
    189: Vinnie Ranauto (Caravel) v. Alex Thomas (Sussex Tech)
    215: Jamar Beckett (Sussex Tech) v. Corey Olson (St Marks)
    285: John Gibson (William Penn) v. Deondre Eubanks (Mt Pleasant)

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    Default Re: Delaware State Finals

    Final results...

    103: Boylan fall Davis 1:16
    112: Dolan dec Witte 7-5
    119: McFatridge maj Paladino 14-1
    125: Combs dec Magha 3-0
    130: Garnett dec Taylor 8-2
    135: Spence dec Harper 9-7
    140: Barch dec Shaw 9-4
    145: Tiberi maj Koch 10-2
    152: Meade maj Snook 19-8
    160: Hynson dec Hazel 9-2
    171: Budesheim fall Downs 3:33
    189: Ranauto dec Thomas 6-5
    215: Drummond dec Beckett 4-3
    285: Gibson fall Eubanks 4:36

    Budesheim won OW, which kind of surprised me with Meade winning his 3rd title, and with Ranauto finishing his career up with the state wins record.

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