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Discuss Highschool/College wrestling moves used by the best? at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; So recently while looking at footage from some of the best wrestlers in history (Gable,Sanderson,Metcalf,etc.),I've ...
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    Default Highschool/College wrestling moves used by the best?

    So recently while looking at footage from some of the best wrestlers in history (Gable,Sanderson,Metcalf,etc.),I've been trying to come up with a list of specific moves that I've noticed they all hit a lot....So far,its low sweeps, doubles,and riding legs (which by the way I'm not the greatest at,lol)....some of the other things I noticed, especially with Metcalf and some other Iowa wrestlers is that they like to spike the head a lot, and not just spike it, but SPIKE it,repeatedly,until you would think their opponents would get if there is anybody who has anything to add or would like to comment on the technique of how they do a lot of this stuff (I'd like a little bit more info on the head spiking,please),that'd be great to know,thanks!
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    Default Re: Highschool/College wrestling moves used by the best?

    im not sure if you meant a low single or a sweep single soooo ill just explain both.

    ok so i like to do alot of the stuff that you have mentioned the "best wrestlers" do. I especially like to do sweeps. When i first started wrestling it was something that i practiced over and over and over. One of the reasons sweeps are good to do is because you can mix things up. What i mean is it is not only a good initial move but it is also a good chain move if your initial move fails for some reason. I recently went to a wrestling camp given by lee pritts who was a 2x state champion and an olympic qualifier. One of the moves which he constantly hammered us to do and to master was the sweep single. During that time i spent at the camp i learned set ups for the sweep single. That is 50% of doing any move maybe even 60% becasue without a good set up the move will be telegraphed and that is when people get stuck in an unfinished shot or a weak half finished sweep single.

    First of all you have to initiate your opponent ti make first contact by either "walking in to a tie" which is exactly what it says you stalk your opponent which will make him/her post one or two hands to keep distance between you two. You have three more thingsd you can choose from to get your opponent to initiate first contact;
    1. stutter step to a tie
    2. post to a tie
    3. climb to a tie
    (if you want me to explain in depth the different things you can do message me)

    ok now we can get into the next step in executing a sweep single. after you are in the tie by using one of those four set ups (or any other that causes your opponent to initiate first contact) you need to get inside control(which means your arms are going to be on the inside area of his/her arms) and you then need to hook his/her armpit with the arm on the same side you will sweep by placing palm on shoulder and using fingers to hook into his/her armpit, the other arm will be posted on their shoulder. Once you have inside control you are pretty much in control and in a dominant positionand your opponent wont like that so they are going to fight for inside control, once they start to fight for inside control you will load you elbow(meaing you will bring your elbow to your hip). The next step is to take a slightly angled back step (angled because you dont want your whoole body facing one direction you just want to line up the heel of the foot you back step with to line up with the toes of the foot that has stayed stationary...keep in mind that the distance between your feet doesnt change when you take that backstep).
    Now you take a step penetration(forward step) with the lead leg change levels and shoot & do A 1/4 turn at the same time. While turning you will then take the arm you loaded and punch through his legs. from here the finishes are pretty much endless, you can dp a lockout or a knee to knee if they have a whizzard. If the square up and sprawl you can then either do a cutback double or a low lift.

    now for the low single... again the main part of this or anyother move would be your set up(s). if you incorrectly or poorly set up your move you are doomed from the start because your oppinent has time to react and counter because they now what your going to do. When i set up the low single i like to do one of two things or even both together i either head smash or i set it up from a tie up.
    Im not sure what the spike is but im guessing its a head smash. What i do is make a claw with my hand and grab the opponents head( i dont palm it im not that big im only 118) and smash their head as close to the mat as i can get it to go. Something i like to do to make this more effective is i try to "make my hand touch the mat" it gives you more power, its just like in muay thai they teach you to kick THROUGH your opponent not kick THEM. Ok back to the move.. i like to do this about two or three times before i do the actual move(this set can be used for just about any move). I then change my level drastically and shoot for their foot really low under their knee torwards their shin while keeping your head on thre inside.What you would want to do next is cup the heel with your hand drive your shoulder into the leg and drive up all in a smooth motion RIGHT after you have changed your level and taken a shot.

    yeah im running out of time so i cant write much im in class and i decided to log on and read a couple of posts but feel free to message me.

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