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    Well fellas, just about to take off for the "show" and looking forward to the intensity the next few days will bring, also meeting up with our very own "UGLY" will be grand!
    Our 1st round starts this evening at 7:00. I'm hoping next time I'm back here, our team has won it's first wrestling State title!
    Nobody in the State is giving us any chance to win the thing, more of a battle for who gets 2nd. In reality, they shouldn't think we can win it.... Ponderosa is gunning for it's fifth staight title with 7 top 4 wrestlers (10 qualified), while we have 4 top 2 wrestlers(9 qualified).
    BUT...heres where we win it. We have a few "unknowns" with no previous State tournament experience that are on the same side as the Pondo guys, which I think we'll knock them off!

    I'll fill ya in on Sunday.......

    PS-heres a story on Graff-
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