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Thread: Some hardcore stats from '07 PA States

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    Default Some hardcore stats from '07 PA States

    This compares the 5 regions across the state and how many wins/loses and places for each region.

    Notice that the SE (South East) gets to enter 4 wrestlers while the others only 3.

    This is because they pull from the biggest population, but clearly not the best wrestlers. They enter the most wrestlers but have the least number of wins and place winners.

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    There is no doubt that the 4th placer in either the SW or NE would do better than the all but the 1st placer in the SC, and the 4th placer in the other regions would also do better than the 4th placing wrestlers from SC - who went 1-28.

    We'll probably see a similar scenario played out in two weeks. The PIAA doesn't care where the best wrestlers are located....they allocate the slots for states strictly according to population.

    There is a similar problem with the NCAA D1 slots but at least it is possible for the conferences to increase their slots by good performance, unlike the PIAA regions.

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    Are your sections for wrestling different from other sports?

    on a slightly different topic: Do someone keep stats on the wrestlers who eventually make the PA FS/GR national teams? How do you guys select those teams (MN its a camp with wrestle-offs, Im assuming similar?)

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