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    James Houchins of Interstate 35 uses backflip to move on to 1A 145 lb finals.

    Down 7-5 with 12 seconds, James Houchins counters Johnny Siegel's single leg to send match to OT in the semifinals.

    Tries move again in finals and gets taken down by Don Bosco's Clay Welter. Welter wins the match 9-4
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    Default Re: Backflip

    Boy do I wish I went to a high school called Interstate 35...

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    This has become like the "thing" to do, hasn't it?

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    Not a very high percentage technique, but for a "go for broke" move with nothing to lose, he did what was needed. Like ISU mentioned, the kid tried it again and didn't work very well. No way in hell should the single leg wrestler give up points on that.

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    Ya all the sudden I have seen this happening alot

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    That was pretty creative

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