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I personally know 3 families that had their son repeat 7th grade for athletic reasons. (wrestling)

I would characterize all three as over zealous parents who place way too much emphasis on winning.

One kid was a very good wrestler to begin with and is having a good high school career.

The other two are average wrestlers at best and don't seem much better off.


It's my philosophy that high school kids should dedicate themselves to school and sports like their lives depend on it. But, the parents and coaches should have the wisdom to realize it doesn't.

Too many parents miss the point and the value of school sports.

They have to keep in mind that someday, their kid's wrestling career will be over. Then what?

Wrestling should prepare you for life, not be your life.

I also notice that people who have achieved success in sports and have wrestled in college are NOT the ones who tend to push their kids so much.

It's the people who have regrets from their own youth that try to relive their lives through their kids.
Couldn't agree more. This is a win not matter what the final cost type of attitude.

In the long run I think it will hurt the kid's future.