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    Well I am new to this and I just wanted some advice. I'm from OH, I wrestle 103 in divison 3, my record is 17-10. I started two years ago, I am getting a lot better in a short amount of time. Should I still wrestle to be a state champion? Especially with Hunter Stiebert.

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    103Champ, don't sell yourself short. Your record indicates you are doing something right. Attend a wrestling camp. Wrestle in open meets in the off season if you get the chance. Practice, Practice, Practice. Also conditioning is key to winning.

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    17-10 after two years of wrestling, in Ohio, is something you should be proud of... Do you think Hunter Steiber started wrestling last year? You have a lot of ground to make up, but I bet you're going to continue to improve quickly. Keep at it.

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    The lighter weights and middle weights are always very competitive.

    Going by your record you should be very encouraged!

    Get all the mat time and extra training you can to help catch up on skills with more seasoned wrestlers. Whenever possible try to work out with other wrestlers from other clubs and teams so you can have some variety in opponents.

    You are doing great! Keep up the hard work! Good luck to you!

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    Thanks guys, I try to get on the mat and in the weight room as much as I can, I think I am going to stick with wrestling, wishing and hoping, to get somewhere with it.

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    Remember, there are hundreds of kids wrestling in your state, but there are only 14 State Champs each year. That doesn't mean that all the rest of them are losers. Work to be the best you can be, leave everything you have on the mat every time you go out there, and have no regrets.

    Good luck!
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