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Discuss Amputee update at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; well hmm hey guys m back with an updat ea cuople of months into the ...
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    well hmm hey guys m back with an updat ea cuople of months into the season i lost all my matches so far by pins but my klast oen i lost 10 nothing im trying to work on strength and stam its so frusstrating i hate stairs and joggin i get too tired to wrestle at practice im more pissed off abotu people tellign em i need to drop weigh tbc im weak then losing my matches i just wann get some strenght but stay at 130-35 im workign out an ddrinkign muscle milk lol any comments on the muscle milk bad or good bc im lil nervous bout that but hmm sinc ei got 1 freakign leg i get a stading ovation for a freaking loss to lol

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    Winning isn't going to come overnight, and I'm sure you already know that. The same determination that got you involved with wrestling to begin with is what you need to use for building muscle.

    big muscles, however, don't win many wrestling matches. I'm going to spend some time looking for video of Nick Ackerman (he won the NCAA Tournament) Seeing him wrestle will certainly aid in helping you learn different methods of attack that people are not used to seeing against other opponents.

    Here's for you to check out about Anthony Robles (*he wrestles at Arizona State):

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    Like Shlottke said, it won't come over night. Keep in mind that starting as a 9th grader puts you behind lots of the kids you're going to wrestle as far as experience goes. A big part of the early stages is learning what not to do on the mat. Just stick with it and keep drilling and working hard.

    It's not an easy sport and no one just gets it technique wise without a lot of practice and hard work. You'll find what works for you and it'll be worth the work when you finally do get that first win.

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