So I just finished watching Jason Welch's matches from Reno. The Kid is certainly a goer but is obviously no where near wrestling shape. In all the matches I've seen him wrestle, I've never seen him gas like he did against Yohn and his Semi-final opponent. (not that it made much difference, he still won in more than convincing fashion)

That being said, even when he was sucking wind, he kept the pressure on unlike anything I've seen before(in a "gassed wrestler" situation)

His technique, while agressive, appears at first glance to be a bit sloppy and he almost scores, not because of finesse, but because he refuses to not score. I know things are different on the Highschool level, and the difference between getting a takedown or getting taken down often become more mental than physical(well certainly in college too, but you get my point).

I'm excited to see him wrestle in the B10 and for the Wildcats, and I think he really is a major talent, but honestly, does anyone out here think he's going to make a lot of noise at Midlands?

I'd like to see him do so because it would be great for him and also the sport moving forward, but after watching his last few matches, I don't know that he can. Its obvious that he's been trying to make up for lost time by the way he wrestled at the Bronzon Tourney and Reno, and I think he's doing the right things to put himself in a position to place.

Does anyone think realistically and objectively that he is going to win more than one ore tow matches? I'd be curious to your reasoning as well.

I'm certainly not bashing the kid, but 157 is traditionally a tough weightclass and physically, there is a huge curve moving from HS football shape to D1 wrestling shape.

On an off topic note, I also can't wait to watch the Yohn brothers wrestle in the Maroon and Gold in the coming years. I think they will develop nicely in the system and will be a lot of fun to watch.