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Thread: Blair vs. Graham dual?

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    Default Blair vs. Graham dual?

    It's been posted on Themat that this will happen due to an on-the-spot challenge by Coach Buxton to Coach Jordan last night.


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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    Buxton better get his studs performing better than they did last weekend, how reputable of a source?

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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    Can only judge by the "flavor" of the posts in that thread. Looked credible--ie parent, volunteer coach, etc.

    Also stated that Jordan anticipated Buxton's request and had his answer prepared!

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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    I'd heard the same rumor myself ... I didn't see exactly how many times Graham kids and Blair kids wrestled each other directly. That was one thing that was a plus about the Ironman in previous years. One year, Blair and Eds kids met at like 9 of the 14 weights. I think with the individual expansion of the tournament, rather than a team expansion, you've seen less and less of it. I don't think a Colonial Forge kid wrestled a Christiansburg kid one time in the the tournament.

    On a related note, looks like I'll be on the mic for the St. Edward vs. Blair dual in January. Some people were critical that I didn't make the trip to Lakewood last year, but considering I've been to Ohio five times in the winter months and it's snowed/iced five times ... and last year, I wouldn't have been able to make the trip regardless.

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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    You can't be everywhere, JB.

    Instead of local folks asking where you were, a better question would have been to ask where was local television?

    On the "individual expansion" comment, it seemed to give the weight classes, or some of them, more "body". Consider that 3 Eds wrestlers who placed last year (Birt, Sulzer, and Gasper) failed to place this year. So while I agree that this tournament didn't measure up to past years in star power, it seemed that the number of good to very good wrestlers had an impact. That would be a function, I guess, of the individual type entries that you allude to.

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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    Will the Blair/Graham dual happen this year? Where are they going to fit this in at? Travel restrictions, points, etc..?

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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    I don't believe Blair has any restrictions since they are independent so it'll likely be at Graham if at all.

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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    My understanding is that Graham would send their "b" team to the event already scheduled for the date in question. A team may have two independent varsity squads (Eds does), besides JV.

    Coby Boyd's dad has written on another forum that Graham awaits confirmation from Coach Buxton that Blair will travel to Ohio for the dual. That's the apparent status as we speak.

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    Default Re: Blair vs. Graham dual?

    The interesting part is that the event they'll be sending their "b" team to is the league tournament.

    I love that Coach Jordan and Coach Buxton are both on board for this. It certainly says something about both coaches that they want to challenge their kids like this late in the season.

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