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    Default Sr. Nats Finals

    I posted this a bit ago on the old forum

    Here are the matchups:

    103: Taylor Louie (CA) vs Chris Done (CA): In the smallest bracket of the tournament you have 2 CA boys going at it. California usually has sucess here w/ the 103's. Both guys were SQ's with Done placing 4th and he's my pick.

    Champ: Done (CA)

    112: Eric Olanowski (VA)--Delaware St vs Nektoe Demison (CA): The most interesting matchup was probably in the semi's between Olanowski and Ohio's Bo Touris. However, I'm sure Demison a CA 3rd place finisher will give Olanowski a match. In the end though I have to go with the Va State Champ in front of his hometown crowd.

    Champ: Olanowski (VA)

    119: Zach Sanders (MN)--Minnesota vs Nikko Triggas (CA)--Ohio St: One of the matchups that I was hoping to see. The winner may get to take home a #1 national ranking. The question is will the luster be off this matchup after Sanders' loss last week at the Dapper Dan, or will it refocus him. Speaking of focused, a tech fall win by Triggas over PA runner up Nic Bedelyon was one of the most impressive results of the tournament.

    Champ: Triggas (CA)

    125: Boris Novachkov (CA)--Cal Poly vs Matt Ortega (NM)--Indiana: Ortega kind of suprised me getting to the finals with a win over ILL's John Starzyk. Novachkov is too much though and CA gets their 3rd champ in 4 weights.

    Champ: Novachkov (CA)

    130: Kellen Russell (NJ)--Michigan vs Tyler Nauman (PA)--Pitt
    3rd matchup of the year between these two. Nauman won the first in the Beast finals, then again last week at the Dapper Dan. I going with the phrase "3rd time's a charm" here.

    Champ: Russell (NJ)

    135: Ryan Prater (ILL) vs Chris Diaz (DE)--Indiana--No offense to these two guys but this isn't one of the stronger weight classes of the tournament. Diaz, though scored a pretty big upset beating Blair's Max Shanaman in the semi. Prater is my pick and it is suprising that he is ILL's lone representative in the finals.

    Champ: Prater (ILL)

    140: Frank Molinaro (NJ)--Penn State vs Jamal Parks (OK)--Oklahoma State--Great matchup between two guys who have to be as built as you will find in a HS 140. These guys missed each other earlier in the year at the Beast, when Molinaro was still at 145. My opinion is that this will be the match of the night.

    Champ: Parks (OK)

    145: Seth Vernon (OK)--Oklahoma vs Jamal Lawrence (IN)--These are the two finalist of a pretty balanced weight class. Neither seemed particularly dominated, Vernon won 2 matches by a point each. Aside from 103, this is the only weight where I haven't seen both guys before, so I really don't know what to expect.

    Champ: Vernon (OK)

    152: Tim Darling (PA)--Penn State vs Vincent Renault (MA)--Tim Darling has been head and shoulder above everyone so far and will probably be again. Renault beat the wrestler I picked to be in the final Chris Hacker (OK) in the quarters. I can't think of too many guys from Mass. who have been in the finals, but one of Darling's losses from this season came to a Mass. wrestler in Sean Bilodeau. Anything can happen but I'm going with the favorite.

    Champ: Darling (PA)

    160: Paul Paddock (NY)--Edinboro vs Colt Sponseller (OH)--Ohio State--Starting w/ 160 and going up the weight classes really get tough. NY's lone final representative got his biggest win a 2-1 decision over DE's Luke Rebertus in the quarters. His opponent is one of my favorites to watch, Colt will go full tilt for all 6 minutes. This should be a very physical matchup.

    Champ: Sponseller (OH)

    171: Justin Danz (CA)--Hofstra vs Kirk Smith (ID)--Boise State--Both of these guys have had dominating runs to the final. Each had a pinned a stud in the semis (Danz/Kilgore, Smith/Schmitz). I've gone back and forth over who I like in this one.

    Champ: Smith (ID)...i think

    189: Clayton Foster (ID)--Oklahoma State vs Sonny Yohn (CO)--Minnesota--189 was an absolute meatgrinder here. With so much talent you would think an upset or two would happen, but you have here probably the two best guys anyways. These two met on the big stage in the finals of Fargo with Foster winning. Seeing who both guys are signed with it may not be the last time you see them going at it.

    Champ: Yohn (CO)

    215: Ryan Flores (CA) vs Deron Winn (MO)--Meremac CC--Usually 215 is one of the weaker weights and despite not having the #1 ranked guy enter, it still was very strong. Winn pulled off a shocking upset of Jared Platt. Many people, myself included, thought that Platt would finally get a win at a national tournament with no Cody Gardner around. I say Winn is still up because of the Platt win and takes this one.

    Champ: Winn (MO)

    285: Jarod Trice (MI)--Central Michigan vs Brendan Barlow (OH)--Kent State--Is this the first of many matchup between these two MAC-signees? Trice took out one of Ohio's best in the semi, in Cameron Wade. Can he do it again? Anything can happen with the big boys.

    Champ--Trice (MI)

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    Default Sr. Nats Finals

    I have to say that I'm shocked that Sanders beat Triggas, given that Dolan beat up on Sanders. I'm coming to the conclusion that Dolan might be far and away the best of the bunch anywhere from about 119 to 130.

    Yes, I understand tha "he beat, and then he beat" doesn't always work, but these maches just happened, and Dolan was dominant against Sanders.

    I'm also surprised that Nauman lost to Russell. Nauman really looked unbeatable for the last three months.

    Darling, hands down MOW. Gave up one point the entire tournament. You can certainly make the case that the weight class wasn't as tough as some others, but one point????

    Clayton Foster at 189 just seems to win all of the time. He doesn't win big, but he wins. I don't know much about the guy, but he might make some noise next year, don't you think? Could he go down to 174, or is he a solid 184? I don't know. He just seems like a guy who could cause some trouble next year.

    All in all, a pretty good tournament, although I would have paid big bucks to see Dolan at 119. I think he would have run the table. The only guy who is in his league is Oliver, and he is a Jr. Is there a bigger recruit than Oliver next year?

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    Default Finals

    119-Sanders came back from a 4-0 defecit. Great match, what a no. 1 vs no. 2 is supposed to be. I have yet to see the Dolan/Sanders match. I'm not sure where to rank those two.

    130-Russell came out really strong with an early takedown. He got a second in the first period which was a weak call. It didn't decide the match but still.... Nauman has improved so much this year.

    140-Parks is a baad man. Lightning quick on his reshots. Molinaro had to be sick or injured, he hit the wall big time. His look/build reminds me of a young Chris Bono.

    145-Lawrence's defense was amazing. At least 5 times or so Vernon got in on a good shot while Lawrence almost lackidasically(sp) sat on Vernon's back waiting for him to try and improve, and as soon as he tried Lawrence gained separation. This happen in OT also except then Lawrence shot in for the TD. Vernon appeared to hurt his knee here, hopefully it isn't serious.

    152-Darling looked great but look at his competition. No offense, but there were alot of the ranked seniors who were not around. There's a chance he may be the best senior, just not by a techfall.

    160-Sponseller was my choice for OW. Most of the first was close but he was able to put Paddock on his back late, and never let up. Almost toying with him.

    215-Great match. I loved seeing Winn, aggressive and a great scrambler. The final TD could be questionable, I need to see the video of it. However, he was in a peterson-finish position with around 4 seconds left.

    285-For anyone not there. Trice wore a singlet with the Pillsbury doughboy airbrushed on the back. The doughboy's belly happens to be right where his butt is. Seemed to get alot of chuckles.

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    189 was the best weight class this year by far and we can all look forward to seeing Sonny Yohn and Clayton Foster go head to head for years to come in college. Hopefuly it wont be a Perry, Hendricks rivalry with Foster winning 7 straight before Sonny gets him. My thought is still that when Sonny gets to Minn. and gets those elevated practice partners he will excel.

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    Default 189

    Yeah the 189 class was amazing. I'm sure that if Foster/Yohn meet up in the future it won't be one-sided. One, if not two of Foster's TD's were partially because Yohn stopped at the edge of the mat. They had a pretty nice scramble to end the match, where Yohn had a few opportunities to get a winning TD.

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    I havent seen the video yet, I hope they post it on that flocast.

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