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Thread: 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament: Information Results Brackets, Discussion

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    Default 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament: Information Results Brackets, Discussion

    Part of our "Toughest Tournaments in America" feature...

    The Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament



    Direction to Bob Carpenter Arena:
    • From the North and the East :
      I-95 South to Delaware exit 1-B, Route 896 north. Bob Carpenter Center is located on right just after Routes 4/896 intersection.
    • From the South and the West:
      I-95 North to Maryland Exit 109B, Route 279 north (also called Route 2). Proceed on this road which becomes Elkton Road into Newark. Turn right at the intersection of Routes 2 (279) and 4. Turn left at intersection of Routes 4/896. The Bob Carpenter Center is located on the right.
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    Default Jason Bryant's InterMat Preview for the 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament

    Beast of the East Preview

    By Jason Bryant

    Two weekends in a row is tough for some of the most seasoned wrestling coaches, but then throw in the fact they’re not exactly wrestling the matches. A solid back-to-back weekend with the Ironman and the Beast of the East can thrust wrestlers into the national spotlight and ignite telephones around the country with the call of college coaches.
    The T.G.I. Friday’s Beast of the East kicks off early Saturday morning from the Bob Carpenter Center on the campus of the University of Delaware. It’s bright and somewhat spacious, that is, if you’re standing on the mezzanine level.
    Twelve to 13 mats, depending on the need, line the floor at The Bob and there’s no rest if you lose early here. Only a handful of wrestlers have ever been upended in the first round and then come back to finish third. This isn’t a tournament you want to end up going that route, you’d sleep right through Christmas.
    But enough banter, the Beast of the East, once known as the Delaware Mid-Atlantic Classic, celebrates its 15th year and has lived up to its former nickname and now event title.
    Hosted by the Delaware Wrestling Alliance, The Beast is the destination for wrestling fans this weekend.

    103 pounds
    On paper, it’s a two-horse race with St. Mark’s Sean Boylan, a transfer in from Holy Spirit in New Jersey and Devin Carter of Christiansburg, last week’s Ironman runner-up. There’s more to the field than just Carter and Boylan, who with teammate Sean Dolan (119) create one of the more confusing tandems in high school wrestling. At least when the name game comes into play. There aren’t too many names that folks will recognize, but as it’s the second major event of the season, this is really where the Eastern 103’s get put on the “radar” so to speak.
    Who you know: Boylan, Carter.
    Who you will know: Jackson’s Tyler Biscaha wasn’t the starter last season, but then he goes out and wins the NHSCA freshman championships in Virginia Beach. He also won more than his fair share of matches spot-starting last season when then-coach Scott Goodale juggled the Jackson lineup. He’s a contender. Look for fourth-seeded Cam Sullivan of Timberland to have some trouble with Rob Deutsch of Eastern Regional. Deutsch has been a solid youth competitor in New Jersey for a number of years. Dan Dartone’s one to watch too.

    112 pounds
    Deeper than 103, but not a deep weight overall … but that’s comparing it to a monster bracket. The top eight seeds are all pretty accomplished and could make for some engaging quarterfinals. Sean Boyle of Blair comes in as the top seed and Shane Gentry of Colonial Forge is the second seed. Both placed at the Ironman last week, but neither where they’d hoped. Sean Dolan of St. Mark’s is a real scrappy three seed.
    Who you know: Boyle, Gentry, Dolan and Central Dauphin’s Simon Rice.
    Who you will know: They’re not quite house-hold names, but it’s high school wrestling, who really is a house-hold name. In fact, who even came up with that cliché and why are we even using it? Jordan Glykas at the four seed is from Northampton, where we have to always mention they have one of the coolest nicknames in all of high school sports – the Konkrete Kids. Jordan Gray of Essex up in Vermont could sneak up on Dolan from the #6 seed. He’s got wrestling in the blood, older brother Jacob wrestled at Edinboro. Rice is a PA state placer and Hunter Wood is coming in unknown to many from East Fairmont in West Virginia. Preps are represented as well, Mt. St. Joe’s Frank Goodwin’s a problem draw at the #5.

    119 pounds
    There’s a clear separation, but is there really amongst the top seeds? Nick Schenk is a returning Beast of the East champion moving up from 103 and is the top seed. A pair of state placers are in at 2-3 with Lewistown’s Matt Snyder drawing the #2 and two-time Virginia finalist Michael Garafolo of Colonial Forge drawing the #3. Could see a Beast final rematch in the semis should Pat Owens of Germantown, the fourth seed, reach the semifinals.
    Who you know: Schenk, Snyder, Garafolo, Owens.
    Who you will know: Simon Kitzis of Wyoming Seminary transferred in from Massachusetts and has done well growing up in New England. He is a real tough draw coming from the #6 position. Chris Kochinsky is also no pushover at the #7 from Middletown. The Preps have four of the top six seeds, throwing in fifth-seeded Andrew Bannister of Bishop McNamara.

    125 pounds
    Two-time New Jersey state champion Joe Trause of Bergen Catholic put his name on the map two years ago when he knocked off then-#1 seeded Eric Olanowski of Kellam at 112. Trause ended up missing weight the next day, but then moved up to 119 later that season and won the New Jersey state championship. He’s the top seed and will have plenty of competition along the way. Blair’s Chris Villalonga will be the #2 and another New Jersey Prep, Patrick Hunter of St. Benedict’s will be a highly-anticipated semi, should they reach each other. Hunter transferred from South Plainfield and finished last season ranked very high. Tabb’s Andrew Williams is a two-time Beast placer and despite not placing at the Ironman last year, is dangerous, but would be considered an underdog to Virginia AAA champion Mike Holcomb of Kellam. When he’s not wrestling, Holcomb’s and accomplished kick-boxer … very accomplished.
    Who you know: Trause, Villalonga, Hunter, Williams.
    Who you will know: Trevor Dearden of Salem (N.H.) was a match away from placing last year and does have a win over Williams at the Super 32 (consolation) this season and is a difficult draw at the #10. That could create an early 7-10 match with he and Derik Russel of Jackson. Louisiana’s Nick Shields of Brother Martin is an unknown quantity outside of the Southeast and draws the #6. We’ll see how tough he is when he gets to Hunter in the quarters.

    130 pounds
    More of a balanced weight than it is top-heavy. Anthony Valles of Blair is the top seed for the second week in a row, but a title is far from certain because the guys behind him are quite good. Zac Coulas of Ocean Township has stood on the podium in Jersey, making him immediately a threat. Andrew Grabfelder of Germantown Academy had a solid Ironman last year, and Nicky Gordon of Wyoming Seminary is a surprising #4 seed.
    Who you know: Valles, Coulas, Grabfelder, Gordon, Colonial Forge’s Ian Squires.
    Who you will know: Many haven’t seen too much of Nicky Gordon, and folks are curious to see how he’ll perform. He’s got several Fargo medals and the Beast is a worthy folkstyle test. Kenny Stank of Central Dauphin has improved greatly. Keep an eye on 11th-seeded Jared Anongas of James River. Anongas is the best wrestler in Virginia’s Central Region.

    135 pounds
    Freshman Austin Ormsbee of Blair created quite a stir last week during his run at the Ironman and could be some folks’ sentimental favorite. He pushed Collin Palmer of St. Edward to a tight match and ended up coming through the consolations to finish strong. But Ormsbee’s the #2 seed behind Wyoming Seminary’s Cullen Isenberg. Don’t sleep on Isenberg, the kid’s a winner and is a big part of Wyoming Seminary’s likely run into the Top 10. Virginia champion Joe Pantaleo of Colonial Forge is looking for redemption after last week’s performance, while Andrew VanDyke of Ocean Township has picked up some big wins in his career at the Beast, including one over Jordan Burroughs two years ago. Oh, there’s another freshman to keep an eye on as well.
    Who you know: Ormsbee, Pantaleo, VanDyke.
    Who you will know: That aforementioned freshman is Kenny Courts of Central Dauphin. Yeah, most of you know him already form his Super 32 performance, but he’ll draw the #5 seed and wow, not a place too many want to be. Courts is long, quick and already seasoned, but it’s the biggest regular-season event for him in the young varsity career. The Beast has been known to chew up and spit out freshmen. Albert Woody of McDonogh’s solid and Joe Lospinoso of Brearley isn’t someone to look past. He’s placed in Jersey and has some good off-season wins to his credit. Cox’s Ben Dorsay could create problems at the #9 for top-seeded Isenberg, should the two meet in the quarters.

    140 pounds
    Most of the way through Central Dauphin’s murderer’s row of middle weights comes sophomore Marshall Peppelman, the #1 seed at 140 pounds. A state runner-up last season, Peppelman’s got a style that’s hard to wrestle and even harder to beat. Kyle Lang of Brecksville-Broadview Heights gets the #2 after wrestling last week at 135 pounds. From there on out, it’s a very unheralded bunch.
    Who you know: Peppelman, Lang, John Guzzo of Blair and Louis Johnson of Great Bridge.
    Who you will know: Union Ryle’s Bryan Peace is the third seed. A third seed from Kentucky? Well, does anyone remember Jacob Murton giving the big boys at 135 a run a few years ago, or what about Union Ryle’s own Kyle Ruschell. Yup, same high school. Johnson would have been here if he wouldn’t have had such a run to fourth at the Ironman last week. Western Branch’s Ricky Anderson is a problem draw for Johnson at the 5-12 match, both are in the same district.

    145 pounds
    It’s not been talked about too much, but we’d like to think the 1-2 potential final between top-seeded Walter Peppelman of Central Dauphin and Peter Yates of Salem (Ga.) would be considered “highly anticipated.” That would be, if you knew who Peter Yates was. Yates knocked off Trevor Melde (among others) last year in Fargo on his way to placing at Juniors. Peppelman’s been just tough his entire career and finally got his state title last year.
    Who you know: Peppelman, Yates.
    Who you will know: A deep list here led by third-seeded Joey Napoli. He beat Marshall Peppelman two weeks ago, so he’s got some ability. Nick Tiberi of Hodgson VoTech in Delaware’s also a seasoned grappler that’s capable of the upset. Jackson Brady of Camden Catholic should have a breakthrough season for always tough Camden Catholic. Peter Bronder and Eric Morris are somewhat unknowns but do have credentials good enough to get them seeded at the Beast. Places 3-8 will be a dogfight. Expect someone you’ve never heard of to make a statement here. Who that is remains to be seen.

    152 pounds
    Alex Meade of Caesar Rodney’s looking to double up for two straight years. He won the Ironman and Beast in back-to-back weekends last year and already has one half of the double set for this year, beating Coby Boyd of Graham last week. His challengers come in all forms and he really doesn’t have an easy draw up top. While he’s the top seed and expected champion, wrestlers on the top half of the bracket include fourth-seeded Sean Byrnes of Jackson, #5 Brandon Rolnick of Lawrenceville Prep, Eastern’s Preston Kieffer and Northampton’s Jim Sheptock. Yeah, that’s the TOP bracket.
    Nick Menditto, a Jersey champ from Ocean Township draws the #2 and we’re looking forward to his potential semi with Mallie Shuster of Big Spring, the #3 seed.
    Who you know: Meade, Menditto, Shuster, Rolnick, Sheptock.
    Who you will know: Shane Milam of McDonogh’s a real tough six and could give Shuster some problems in the quarters. Still thinking about that semi with Menditto and Shuster, who has rolled through consolations the last two years, but is really needing a breakthrough finals appearance. He’s heading to Kent State and they did get a good one, but now it’s time for him to show everyone why.

    160 pounds
    Scott Winston’s undefeated in regular season high school competition and has won two New Jersey state titles. The Jackson senior and Rutgers-bound 160-pounder is dynamic and hard to score on, but the field he’s contending with doesn’t have the star power (no, we’re not referring to Guitar Hero) that is expected to stop him. Then again, the last undefeated Jersey champ to come into the Beast … took his first loss in Newark. If someone knocks off Winston, it’ll make a lot of noise. Tony Dallago of Central Dauphin’s the #2 and was a big part of CD’s state championship team run last year as a surprise finalist. Now he’s not sneaking up on anyone.
    Who you know: Winston, Dallago, Great Bridge’s Jared King, Christiansburg’s Same Rakes.
    Who you will know: Third-seeded Keith Hyson of William Penn has signed with Bloomsburg and shows promise, he could give Rakes a battle in the quarters. Another quarter that’s definitely worth watching is King and Mountain Crest’s Ethen Lofthouse. Yeah, same family, same school, same state. Lofthouse is highly regarded coming out of Utah and brings a litany of titles and accomplishments with him. Mike Wechsler of Northampton stunned many making the state semis last year in PA. Let’s see how many he can stun this year.

    171 pounds
    We hate to sound like we’re discrediting the rest of the field, but Bald Eagle Area’s Quinten Wright is in a league of his own here. Likely the nation’s best 171-pounder, Wright’s already won the Penn State Open this year. Using the word “challenger” could be put into the correct context, but there is another returning Beast Champion at the weight – Corey Peltier of Blair Academy.
    Who you know: Wright, Peltier.
    Who you will know: Everyone that finishes 3-8. Bagna Tovuujav is a National Preps placewinner and honestly, how many outside of New Jersey (and perhaps Mongolia?) have heard of him? He’ll be one to watch. Mason Reid of Ryle is another Kentucky kid to watch, while Cadet Freestyle All-American Colin Lenhardt draws a #9 seed. That’s not an easy draw with #8 Brock Budesheim and then the winner getting Wright.

    189 pounds
    This is a pretty good weight amongst the top eight seeds. Top seeded Erich Schmidtke is coming east all the way from Aberdeen, Wash., to get a shot at winning the Beast. Last year, Schmidtke picked up a win over Clayton Foster, which gave the then-Washington junior immediate credence nationally. Mac Mancuso of Holy Spirit is one of the best junior big men in the country, while Delaware’s own Vinnie Ranauto of Caravel Academy could challenge. Max Huntley’s fresh off a third-place finish at Ironman and is the fourth seed. He could be the guy that gives Schmidtke, an Oklahoma signee, trouble.
    Who you know: Schmidtke, Mancuso, Ranauto, Huntley.
    Who you will know: Bergen Catholic’s Jonathon Becker is no slouch, while Zach Benzio (#8) from Connellsville is a goer. The top four are really what you want to see, but seeing Schmidtke will be a treat for those of you that haven’t seen him before. He’s a straight up moose.

    215 pounds
    Depth is again the issue here, but there are three real good wrestlers at the top three seeds and a few banging on the door to say “Hey, you didn’t mention me in your preview.” Well, we can’t just name every one of the 700-plus wrestler tournament, but at 215, Joe McMullan of Wyoming Seminary, Glenn Carson of Southern Regional and Jesse Boyden of Brearley stand out as early favorites. McMullan’s dominated the Preps and Carson beat some solid kids en route to placing in Jersey last year. Boyden’s a Rutgers signee with many a good win to his credit.
    Who you know: Carson, McMullan, Boyden.
    Who you will know: Felton Banks of Colonial Forge was fourth last week in Ohio and is a very sizeable matchup for anyone. He’s the six seed and could see both Boyden and Carson should he win through and get to the finals. Banks couldn’t break the Forge line-up last year … he’s the guy that could pull the upset, simply based on his power alone.

    285 pounds
    Last year, a relative unknown from Virginia came away with a Beast championship – Jake Marcey of Woodberry Forest. Now, Nick Cook of Fauquier’s not really an unknown, but the state runner-up and third-placer at last week’s Ironman has one more Ohio wrestler standing in the way – DeSales’ John Hiles. Hiles is the top seed and Cook the #2, while Connellsville’s Justin Haines is the #3. Cook and Hiles should be the anticipated final, but Brian Nicholl of Timberlane and Jack Burbank of Cox should give Hiles a quality semifinals opponent. Jeremy Johnson of Brecksville could be the darkhorse.
    Who you know: Cook, Hiles, Haines.
    Who you will know: Burbank. Nothing shining through that will make this weight any less tougher or any more tougher. Not a very deep weight nationally. will be providing coverage throughout the event, as well as

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    Default Re: 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament: results, seedings, brackets, information

    no entry for Mario Mason

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    Default Re: 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament: results, seedings, brackets, information

    Not a bad weekend for NJ...4 champs, 12 finalists.

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    Default Re: 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament: results, seedings, brackets, information

    Yeah, why didn't he end up entering?

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    Default Re: 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament: results, seedings, brackets, information

    Quote Originally Posted by Schlottke View Post
    Yeah, why didn't he end up entering?
    Word is an injury, unspecified that also hampered him at Ironman and he didn't want to impair his rep any further.

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    Default Re: 2007 Beast of the East Wrestling Tournament: results, seedings, brackets, information

    Really surprised Christansburg didn't do better.
    Matt Epperly
    174 lbs
    Virginia Tech

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