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Thread: Im lil nervous please help

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    Women Im lil nervous please help

    this is my first year in high school wrestling i wieght 137 and not so strong im an amputee aso runnings not my thing im workingon sit up pushs and wieghts im gonan try and go 135 maybe 130 i dn thtink losing massive wieght is good for me since i been through alot with chemotherapy btu im clean for a year

    but im always heaering ppl starving themselve making them selves throw up and crazt shit i mean starve your self for a day for alil not a biggy but go runnign to and not even drinking im a lil freaked right away my parents r on my case

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    Theres really not a ton of sense for you to be cutting weight just starting off in the sport. Go to practice every day, work hard, eat good food, healthy food that is, and you'll probably drop enough weight to get you to at least 135 naturally.
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    As a beginner you should be concentrating on two aspects, technique and strength. Rather looking to cut weight, look at 141 and growing muscle mass to get there. You'll learn the technique in the wresatling room, so look to create some time for yourself in the weight room. By working out and eating healthy you should seek to build strength and power rather than seeking to cut weight. Really, the only reason some wrestlers seek to cut weight is because they are not as strong as others around their natural weight.

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    I agree with the others, I'd suggest 141 if you can make the line up at that spot.

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    push ups, sit ups, pull ups, crunchers...if you can't run alot then do some swimming for cardio, i hear that is just as good and that should stretch your muscles after a work out...i would think that your coach would let you take your conditioning in the pool...

    good luck and i agree that technique is going to be a key.
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