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Thread: Fila Juniors Results

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    Default Fila Juniors Results

    Junior Greco finished up yesterday. Junior Free starts today.

    50: Max Nowry
    55: Ryan Mango
    60: Jimmy Chase
    63: Eric Grajales (over Kyle Dake)
    66: Donnie Vinson
    70: Aaron Briggs
    74: Ben Provisor (over Alec Ortiz)
    79: Mark Stenberg
    84: Robert Barbour
    96: Tyrell Fortune
    120: Peter Kowalczuk

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    Some match ups of interest coming up here this next round for junior free.

    Jordan Oliver v. Brian Owen (60 kilos)
    Andrew Long (beat Nate Moore) v. Chris Albright (60 kilos)
    Matt Mincey v. Boris Novachkov (63 kilos)
    Andrew Alton v. Josh Kindig (63 kilos)
    RJ Pena v. Kyle Dake (beat Dylan Alton) (66 kilos)

    Alex Meade has won all his matches today including a 3-0/2-0 win over Jason Welch in the first round at 74 kilos.

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