I'd just like to take a minute here to do something that's long overdue and thank the Apple Valley Wrestling Program for their generosity and their dedication to Jacob Schlottke that they worse on last years State Wrestling Tee-Shirts.

I contacted the School's head coach at the time, coach Jackson, and requested to purchase a large number of the shirts for my family, Jacob's immediate family; Marylin and Duane his parents, Craig, Martha and Duane Jr his siblings, his widow, as well as one of his closest friends.

The school graciously ordered additional shirts and said they would send them out free of charge and only charge for shipping and handling.
The spirit coordinator, a man named Kevin has made sure this gets done and has been great to deal with along the way.

I know it's been a while for most on here, so this post may seem about a year late, but Jacob remains very close to our hearts and in our memories.
And while they're simply tee-shirts, they're a great deal more to us.

So again, thank you to Apple Valley for honoring Jacob so graciously, and for so generously giving the family those shirts.

-Paul Schlottke