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Thread: Best Wrestling Forum in Your State?

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    West Virginia:

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    This is the only decent one I've found for Washington State.
    I don't care for the organization at all but there is normally pretty good discussion on there.

    However most discussion is centered on the Seattle/Vancouver area schools.

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    In Ohio, I personally like JJ Huddle. It is now free to post on there. Good for youth also.

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    Western PA has

    Used to have a very popular forum.

    It hasn't been the same since they went with a $15 premium forum / section.

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    Indiana's. A lot of good people there.
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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    I am surprised no one has said this, I am in Kansas and the best wrestling talk forum here is
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    Quote Originally Posted by LkwdSteve View Post
    " has been my favorite"

    That's the most professional Ohio forum, though they all have something to offer to one extent or another. Tremendous potential. Great archived stuff and other references. All users use real names instead of monickers! A daily read. Great articles and interviews. Flaming by "guests" is an irritant. Lots of NE Ohio stuff. Read every couple of days. It's developed as the place to go to see the thoughts of Cincinnatti fans and coaches, though it is statewide. Bucksman is one of the moderators and does a good job. Daily read, in season.
    JJHuddle: Charges a fee, and is strongly moderated. Lots of info from "obscure" parts of the state (of which there are many in Ohio). I look in weekly.
    BillyTickets: A daily read for the NE Ohio fan that features very knowledgable Bob Preusse, an amazing PatMilkovich series, and an admittedly shameless self-promoting site owner. You have to determine if it's success is "because of" or "in spite of" BT. You can't argue with success, unless you can say that even more success would acrue if........

    Still in a perfect world, Bob Preusse and Pat Milkovich would be on (IMO).

    Steve, how can you neglect That's where it all began right??

    J/K, I have'nt checked out that site in years, but it was one of the originals..

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    Default Re: Best Wrestling Forum in Your State? was the mensch back in the days. What battles were fought on there. I once did an analysis, while decrying the ridiculous overmoderation, where entire huge threads would be deleted willy-nilly by moderators who had no clue what a wrestling mat was, that showed that the wrestling section was the most active of all their high school forums by far (including, amazingly enough, football). It was 5th biggest in number of posted topics only behind sections dedicated to Cleveland's three (alleged) professional teams and one general social/political catchall section. I ran the numbers, posted them on themat where readers were properly amazed, and predicted that the moderators would be the demise of that forum section. They were.

    BTW, I knew you were Troy Aickman on that site, but wasn't sure if you were the multiple clay aiken persona. If you were, then you've grown a lot in the 6-7 years since.
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