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Thread: Milkovich wrestling family "Just One Step" technique?

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    ok well this is a hilarious convo but seriously i think that every person has a diferent move. Every wrestler should have a go to move that can actually win a match soly because of that one move. Thats not a good description but my coaches talk about how there should be one move that you can exicute perfectly and no matter what can get you out of a bind if you r in one. My one coach said his was just as simple as the cement job, after last year mine has become the hunch (hense the name) and it has saved me many times. Like one match i made big mistakes in the first round and kept giveing up takedowns. By the end of the 1st round i was down 13 - 2. I messed up big time. second round ended and it was 13 - 8 so i was basicly screwed. But with 15 seconds left i hunched the guy and got the pin with likke 8 seconds left. Sorry if i sorta ranted there but i felt it was a good example for having your go to move.

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    If you don't mind me asking, what the hell is a hunch?!?!

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    lmao its jus wat my coaches called it, its probly called a million other things tho, but its basicly a hip toss. When im on top i will sorta lead the person on like im giving up a stadup, but the second they get u you lock your hands around one of their hips, which tightens the grip and give better leverage, and you just sorta pop your hip wen you are perpendicular to them. It takes no strength if you do it right and it hurts because once you have them in the air you just drive them to the matt. I have some video of it and it is hilarious to see the person face after they bounce off the matt lmao.

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