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    So I used to pretty much only teach a few different finishes for a Hi C: Cut to double, crackdown, and a few others.

    I learned from someone the Hi-C to single leg finish, but I don't feel like I'm teaching it that great. Basically I just teach switch knees and get your head inside, but I don't feel like I'm teaching the finer points.

    Anyone have either: A good video of the technique being taught or, a good description of the finer points?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    not sure if we are on the same page, but i was shown this as an outside high crotch. i found that most coaches know this as a knee pull single. its a side step high crotch catching the knee to just hold its place than doing a sweep single. its very effective and needs no real setup. heres a vid on youtube, i teach a few more things than this video

    Granby School of Wrestling Technique Series #19 - YouTube

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    Check out the Carl Adams series he shows several different finishes

    Wrestling Instruction High Crotch Takedown by, Carl Adams - YouTube
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