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Thread: Illegal slam or not: You make the call.

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    Default Illegal slam or not: You make the call.

    WIAA Network Video Portal

    Go to 36:30 and watch the slam and aftermath.

    A couple of questions:
    1. Do the refs make the right call? Is this a slam or just an injury?
    2. Do the coaches make the right call in keeping their wrestler out of the rest of the match?

    I have my opinions but I'm going to reserve them until I see some comments.
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    Default Re: Illegal slam or not: You make the call.

    Did not look illegal to me. I teach my wrestlers to get to the mat before their opponent when taking them down like this - and he did. It certainly didn't look like "he slammed him on his head" like the announcer was saying.
    However, I do agree with the coaches/trainers who said that he could not continue after being knocked out. A championship is important - but the potential for brain damage after a concussion is even more important. I wouldn't risk the kid's future health. (Of course the kid says he can continue wrestling! They'll tell you that while undergoing multiple amputations!)

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    Default Re: Illegal slam or not: You make the call.

    1. Not an illegal slam. Controlling wrestler's knee must hit first which used to be the rule, and this is what happened.. I say it is just an injury. Why didn't the coaches contest the call???

    2. Yes, from what I say at the beginning. He could not even stand. Possible concussion. I don't know how he was answering their questions. They obviously were not happy with how he was answering questions.

    3. Hard to tell if this was done or not. First at least a team point should have been deducted for throwing of headgear. Then possible ejection for attempting to go after (injured) wrestler.

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