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Thread: My First Gripe about Rev!! :)

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    Default My First Gripe about Rev!! :)

    Now nobody can be perfect, and I could be totally off base, but I was checking in on the rankings RevWrestling just released for Middle Schoolers and can't believe my eyes!

    Destin McCauley, Apple Valley's phenom, is the #4 Middle Schooler. I don't track middle school wrestling, really only pay attention to a couple Apple Valley kids, but how could there be 3 other kids in the country capable of winning 2 MN High School State titles (regardless of weight class), go 48-1 (or something like it), and have their only loss be on (as Bill Demaray puts it) ridiculously close match with the #1 112 pounder in the country, any age group.

    I'm interested in seeing why these three little studs are better, even though untested in High School?

    Let me add, that I am extremely impressed that Rev went as far as posting Middle School rankings as it is.
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