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Discuss cutting weight at the High School Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by kickback hi everyone wrestle in the heavyweight div and my coach want ...
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    Default Re: cutting weight

    Quote Originally Posted by kickback View Post
    hi everyone wrestle in the heavyweight div and my coach want me to go to 215 next year because he said it will make our line up better for next year but
    i weigh like 255 right now i think i can hit it but i was wonder if it really possible for me to get down there
    If that is your photo in your sign-on my guess is that you have a high enough body fat percentage that you could make 215.

    It would be very important not to do that by diet alone. You would want to work out very hard because you don't want to lose strength as you lose body fat.

    I would suggest cardio type workouts and weight training that focused on lighter reps but more of them. Your trainer/coach can help give you the training tips you need to reach that weight.
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    Default Re: cutting weight

    thx for the tip guy but am just gonna eat not that much and just lift and run because my dad said if i cant wrestle the weight i want at the school am going then ill go to another school if that the problem

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    It's not impossible.
    Personally I cut 40 pounds in about 5 weeks (From 245 to 205)
    Not, it's not easy,
    And it's probably not very healthy either..
    But it's possible.
    First things first though, do NOT starve yourself. Three square meals a day (Not octagonal, cut back majorly) is the way to go.
    You have to run, ALOT. I ran with the Cross Country team for and and I was running about 9 or 10 miles daily. It's NOT easy. But it will pay off in the end. Not just from the weight cut, but from the stamina. I went from my first year (Last year) of only placing twice in meets (Once sixth and once second) to never placing below third. It'll pay off man, trust me.

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