Ok, so I have a stud that I coach and his last few tournaments have lead me to believe we might have some problems with our diet that could be leading to some sluggishness.

He has made the finals of every tournament we've wrestled the last two years(including state) but the last few I've noticed a real drop off in his energy level. He'll win his semi-final match around 11:30-12, and then won't wrestle again until 6:45 or so. In between those times he'll eat some regular meals: pasta, some meat, fruits etc. Then the finals happen and he's a bit sluggish and gasses really quick(he's in very good shape).

One of my assistants said he used to eat 2 power bars shortly before each finals match and would feel good as new after. I don't necessarily trust him explicitly so I turn to my TWT brethren for advice.