Can a tall guy successfully hit low singles consistently?

I realize I'm no John Smith, but I feel like I half to spread my legs a lot and have a giant lead to hit it, but in practice i hit it a lot when we go live in the room, but at a tournament this weekend, someone pointed it out to me that my legs were really wide and they'd always shoot on my lead leg and I couldn't get it back fast enough. At this tournament, I got in really deep with it 3 times, got stuffed 2 or 3 times after wrestling a tougher kid, never really got close to it. Part of it is the set up I'm sure, but is a low single a tall guy move? or can pretty much anyone work a low single and a low stance so I don't have to die for the leg?

Also, I know it's supposed to be hit from a circling motion, but I can never seem to hit it like that, if I move into them and fake and then back up a little bit and wait for them to step in I can usually get in pretty deep and finish, or at least get to the leg, but when they're circling or moving side to side i find it hard to set them up or get in on the leg with the low single?