this was the red and white match from my school. the team wrestled each other. i feel horrible about how i did. i worked all last summer, last season, last spring, summer and preseason to get better. then i come in and get pinned.. i usually go close with him in the practices. i'm not trying to make excuses or anything but i really feel like i got caught.

i know i shouldn't have stepped into that front headlock, even more importantly my head shouldn't have been down and both arms shouldn't have been on the same after he came up from the last shot. then he got that front head and arm and i was stupid and stepped in and he took advantage of it.

he was the aggressor the whole match, thats something i need to change. i had a few ankle pick attempts and was trying to set up a low single with my fakes. maybe the low single was there and i didn't take advantage of it. i don't know. i know there isn't a whole lot to critique, but any criticism would be appreciated. i will upload a few matches from next weekends tournament next sunday or saturday night if i get around to it so there is a little more to critique.