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Thread: What are the best wrestling camps?

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    It was a 5 day takedown and technique camp in California, not the intensive camp, which i have also heard great things about. My wrestlers could not afford the 28 day camp with travel cost, etc. and thought they could benifit from the techique camp, all being fairly new to wrestling. I would have loved to send them to the 28 day intensive, but now because of their experience at this camp, they have written ol' JRob out of their future plans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RD149-2 View Post
    Jordan's camp are outstanding but he is kind of selective in who his campers/future falcons are.
    Seriously though I attended his first year in summer of 95 and they are top notch, and have only gotten better since that time.
    Jordan's camps aren't selective, he has many camps in the summer for almost any skill level.

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    His best camps are selective, his general camps are no better than any camp you could go to at your closest university

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    Next year will be my second year of wrestling, and my first year of Varsity. I was on JV this year and got 5th in countys. Everyone was telling me that I did really good and such especially for a first year, but I wasn't satisfied at all. This summer I want to go to as many camps as possible with good kids so I can get my ass kicked. Any that anyone recomends in the MD, PA, NJ area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HawkWR View Post
    I attended the 2008 28day J Robinson intensive camp, and the only day we EVER got to play any sort of game, of any kind, was on soccer day, where we played soccer for 1 hour or so, and it was INTENSE, BRUTAL, and VIOLENT. Our Counselors were there to push us, and motivate us, and make sure we never gave up. They never once did anything that would harm us, or keep us from achieving our full potential and our highest goals. I loved the camp, the pain, the blood and the sweat, everything it did for me as a person, and as a man. It changed my LIFE! the grueling 6am runs that are harder than most high school practices, the technique practice, which was extremely helpful, and felt like a normal hard practice at school, and the Hard Practice, which I can do no justice to it if I tried to describe it, and the evening run and/or practice, which was a either an intense, lasting burnout for the night, or a cooldown technique practice. The camp was worth every cent, and then some. IF you go, you will not be disappointed. I wouldnt take the time to write this if I didnt feel so strongly about what it did for me and everyone there, and I think the guy above might have sent his kid to the technique camp or something, because those kids were the most annoying kids I have ever seen in my life, and all we would do is shake our heads at them as they left their practice, right before we began Hard Practice. They knew nothing of what we did.
    Well having attended a J Robinson camp myself, I thought it was fun, and I had a great time. But it wasn't what I paid for. I went to the J Rob intensive and technique camps for 5 days there was no difference between the two. Instead of improving my wrestling, I basically partied we played weird games like "Snake in the Grass" they gave us homework to do. Such as write a list of 50 goals then go over them and list 1,2, or 3. 1 being the most favorable and 3 being least favorable. Our camp consolers had no respect for privacy my dad brought us food because me and my Team would stay late after practice to work on our wrestling and by the time we got back in to the dorms the cafeteria was closed well one of the consolers walked right in and said "you guys have food" and went right to the frige with out hesitation well my dad was just sitting there just mortified then he got upset then yelled at Coach Victor and scared him off. But don't get me wrong the camp wasn't all fun in games, Haha . When Jay Rob flew in to attend the last day of camp our counselors gave us the run down and threaten us to do all this crazy stuff in the last day I have videos of how drastically the toughness of the camp changed. But it still was a joke its sad when a wrestler can take on his own coach.

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